Apple iPhone 5 vs Nokia Lumia 920 vs Samsung Galaxy S III Compared (Specs Showdown)

Apple iPhone 5 vs Nokia Lumia 920 vs Samsung Galaxy S III Compared (Specs Showdown)

So here we are once again, with another Techin5 Specs Showdown, and boy is this edition an exciting one. What we have is Apple’s latest and greatest, The iPhone 5 in a spec’s showdown against Nokia’s latest Lumia 920 and Samsung’s Galaxy S III, widely regarded as the best Android device on the market today. So we’ve basically got a showdown between the top phones (so far) from each OS – iOS, Windows Phone 8, and Android! As you can see, we compiled a list of phones above and put all the specs into a table. We also went ahead and highlighted (in the light blue) what we think is the best spec in each category. Something we’ve also done is excluded some fields if they were all equal in a category or we didn’t think there was a clear winner (like in the OS department).

Having said that, if we look into the table we see that the Samsung Galaxy S III is actually the best phone purely on paper, winning 8 categories and narrowly edging out the Nokia Lumia 920 which won 7 categories. The iPhone 5 dragged in in last, winning just 4 of the categories (technically tied one as well), so it was a clear last place in the specs showdown. So if someone was to buy the best phone in the world on paper, then the S III would have an edge over the other! However, we all know this is not how the real world works and people value certain categories over another so we’ve gone ahead and done a secondary part of the guide, which is to compare each phone by the different categories.

What we’ve done below is picked some real world categories and given each phone a rating out of 5 based on the individual category, as an addition to the table above. These are our opinions, and you are free to have different opinions but that’s how it stands. At the end we’ll get the average over all the categories and put our winner at the bottom. Remember, all rating’s are out of 5, with 5 being the best. So who wins in the practical side of things, how do the new boys stack up the the 2012 champion so far? Read on to find out!

Phone Looks

  • Apple iPhone 5: 3.5
  • Nokia Lumia 920: 4.5
  • Samsung Galaxy S III: 4

When it comes to phone looks, a lot of people are dead set on finding a smart phone which looks great to look at as well as use which is why this category can be so important to some people. We’ll start with the iPhone 5 – We don’t think the iPhone 5 looks as nice as it’s predecessors because it sports the same design that made the iPhone 4S stand out, but they’ve gone ahead and stretched it making it look uglier than we used to remember and we’re not impressed with the similar design still (aesthetically speaking). We’ve given it a score of 3.5 because of what we said earlier, but it’s not an ‘ugly’ phone by any means, and it’s very thin. The Lumia 920 is a looker that’s for sure. It’s got a unique build which makes it really stand out in the real world. Added to that, it sports 5 different colors so people will have a lot of options in choosing their favourite color (or close to) and we really enjoy the Polycarbonate build’s feel. So we’ve gone and given it a 4.5, because it’s a fantastic look phone, but it’s not perfect due to it’s rather large 10.7mm frame (which is larger than both phones). The Galaxy S III on the other hand is another thin device, but looks a little cheap when you look at it. It certainly doesn’t have the same ‘quality’ look to it as the Lumia 920 does, but it’s still a very nice look phone and we give it a 4.


  • Apple iPhone 5: 4.5
  • Nokia Lumia 920: 3.5
  • Samsung Galaxy S III: 4

While the iPhone 5 isn’t out yet, we know that it’ll be sporting a very thing 7.6mm frame which should make it very portable. Added to to that it’s very light and the 4-inch screen won’t be to large either to carry around. However, we’ve knocked off half a point from a perfect score because we feel that due to it’s thinness, it might be a little awkward to grip and walk around with (potential drops anyone?). Again, we’re just predicting this will be the case, but it’s still the most portable phone around. The Lumia 920 as we’ve mentioned already is 10.7 mm thick, which is pretty fat when you compare it to the other two competitors, and it’s screen size is 4.5-inches. . However, it will potentially be the most comfortable phone to hold in your hand with its curved back, but it’s thickness goes against it giving it a 3.5. The Galaxy S III comes in at just 8.6mm thick, and that would normally get it top billing in this score, save for the fact it’s actually 4.8-inches big which is really big when you consider it. It’s a little awkward to hold with that size and thinness, giving it second place once again.

Most Customisation Choices

  • Apple iPhone 5: 3
  • Nokia Lumia 920: 5
  • Samsung Galaxy S III: 4.5

The Lumia 920 wins this hands down with a choice of 5 different color options, each different color could give you a different personality in a way. You can also customize the home screen tiles to suit your phone color choice, something we think is quite cool. The S III (since this is the 4G version) comes with two different color choices, Black or Grey and so that doesn’t really give you much of a choice. However, unlike the other two phones, the back cover is removable and it opens up a host of options for a different cover color, though this is a little annoying because you can’t change the front of your phones color. The iPhone 5 comes in white and black, and that is all. However, thanks to the popularity of the market, there are thousands of case choices, more than any Android phone (thought due to the iPhone’s new size you might be waiting for the mass flood of new covers to appear). If you’re looking for changing covers however, the Lumia 920 falters (but there’s the 820 for that).

Apps on each Platform

  • Apple iPhone 5: 4.5
  • Nokia Lumia 920: 3
  • Samsung Galaxy S III: 4

The iPhone app store has over 500,000 apps available and while there are some terrible apps in the Apple App Store, plenty of quality still oozes in there. It has far more apps than the Android marketplace, and has been around longer as well. Apple also sets the standards for the apps, and rejects those that they don’t feel are a good for with the “App Policy”. It get’s a perfect 5 as well. The Android Store isn’t far behind in the number of apps, and the difference is probably 50,000 or so apps in a lesser time period. However, anyone can make an app and Google doesn’t enforce the store as strictly and this many users are subject to potentially scam/malicious apps which is why we’ve given it a score of 4. The Windows Phone marketplace is far behind both stores, but sits at a respectable 100,000+ apps, which is no small deal either. While some of the bigger apps are not on it such as Instagram or Words With Friends, the release of Windows Phone 8 should mean that they are either on their way or are close to release. Microsoft also strictly enforces the Marketplace and the quality of apps is generally very good. You can also try most apps before you buy them (if paid apps), and all those factors added together gives it a score of 3 (the lack of apps biting it a bit in the score chart).

Camera Technology

  • Apple iPhone 5: 4.5
  • Nokia Lumia 920: 4.5
  • Samsung Galaxy S III: 4

This is a tough one, considering two of the devices are not out yet. However we’re going to absorb all that has been leaked, shown, faked, and proven and choose who we think wins this one. We’ll start with the easier S III which has been around for a while. The S II features Samsung’s newest camera technology, which we have subbed S-Tech. It’s a very good shooter and takes some amazing pictures and we think it beats the iPhone 4S in a 1 v 1 shootout. However the technology is that will be slightly behind that of it’s competitors because this phone is now at least 5 months old and will most probably be left behind in the camera technology department. The Lumia 920 comes packed with Pureview technology (similar to the one found on the Pureview 808, widely considered the best camera phone in existence), and also features IOS and Floating Lens technology for better night shots and anti-shake shots. The Lumia 920 will post probably be the best camera in low light situations by a distance due to the tech in there or in times of shaky shots, but when it comes to still shots in good light we think the iPhone 5 will trump all. Featuring a new Sapphire Crystal Lens, the iPhone 5 will probably dominate in good light situations, but do decently in low light situations as well. However we can’t choose a clear winner till we get our hands on the review units.

Phone Extras

  • Apple iPhone 5: 4
  • Nokia Lumia 920: 5
  • Samsung Galaxy S III: 3

Phone Extras is a new category we’re starting which directly looks at the extras that come with the phone, to differentiate itself from the others. Both the S III and the Lumia 920 have NFC inbuilt, while the iPhone 5 won’t have it which is a shame because we feel that NFC is the future of devices. All three devices have 4G LTE inbuilt which is great but only the Lumia 920 and the iPhone 5 can hit 100mb/s True LTE Speeds. It’s good to see more and more devices coming out with LTE chips in them as well. Furthermore, the iPhone 5 has just changed it’s cable slot, so those thousands of sound docks with the old plug won’t work with the iPhone 5 (unless of course you buy a $35 converter), but that’s an extra hurdle that would annoy many. To top it off, the Lumia 920 has wireless charging, making it one of the first feature phones to have that feature. You can also play music of certain sound docks while charging wirelessly, which is a BIG plus in our books (though expect to be paying for the charging docks/mats/pads). Each phone has some impressive features, but the Lumia 920 really does shine in the extras department.


Apple iPhone 5: 4

Nokia Lumia 920: 4.25

Samsung Galaxy S III: 3.92

Well Folks, after that gruelling duel, we’ve finally found our ‘Techin5 Comparison Winner’ and it’s the Nokia Lumia 920. Unsurprising in some aspects because it’s a good phone packed with a lot of technology, and surprising in some aspects because it’s up against some serious competition. Do keep in mind, this is just from the selected category showdowns and not the specs part, which the Galaxy S III was just ahead of the Lumia 920. However, we’ve scoured and taken a hard look at these devices from the information we have gathered or first hand experiences. What’s interesting is the Galaxy S III holds it’s own against the newer iPhone 5, but falls just short by 0.8 – either a sign of a great device from Samsung or a lacklustre one from Apple. However, still a great sign from Nokia who have a great build, the highest screen resolution of the 3 (and PPI), and a fantastic package. We don’t know what Windows Phone 8 holds in it’s entirety – but you can be sure that Microsoft have some big features planned for us.

And that’s it for this edition of the Phone’s Showdown, as we’ve chosen our winner for this edition. Of course as always, these are our opinions and you should feel free to make the decision you want based on what we have provided you. If you do have any opinions, feel free to let us know in the comments and tell us why or why not you agree with our decision!

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