Apple also announces new iPod nano, iPod Touch devices along with new headphones dubbed EarPods

Apple also announces new iPod nano, iPod Touch devices along with new headphones dubbed EarPods

Aside from the big announcement of the iPhone 5, Apple also dropped some new iPod’s rocking brands new designs in the iPod Nano and iPod Touch. The iPod Nano are rocking a slim 5.4mm frame and sports a 2.5-inch screen, tiny in comparison to the iPhone 5 but it’s quite the looker. It also comes in 7 different colors, somethign which we are sure will really appeal to those that want to pick their favorite colors (or at least have that option to choose from). It’s also thinner and lighter than previous generation iPod nano’s and it even sports the ‘Lightining’ connector that the iPhone 5 has adopted.

In reality, it looks quite similar to a Zune HD, but it’s obviously nothing like a Zune considering it comes from two different companies. If anything, it looks remarkably shaped like a Lumia 900 (or 800), albeit smaller. It’s got a fully working multitouch display, and even adds some nice playback controls (voume) on the side of the device, making this an iPod Touch mini in essence. For you radio junkies, the iPod nano also comes complete with a FM Tuner which is fully integreated and it also adds other features such as Bluetooth, a fitness feature and even a pedometer – making it the perfect excercise companion due to it’s small and compact size. If you’re wondering what OS version it’s running – it’s iOS but with a toned down version of what we presume is iOS 6.

Apple have also been busy improving their iPod Touch’s, with a similar form factor albeit thinner and lighter. The new iPod Touch has also been bumped up to 4-inches and also features a Retina display with the iPhone 5’s 16:9 aspect ratio. It’s not as thin as the nano, but it measures just 6.1mm in thickness, and weighs a very very light 88 grams (of course, the thinnest and lightest yet). Apple is also dropping the iPhone 4S’ A5 processor to really get the most out of the processor and graphical outputs in games (which we presume is what most people buy the iPod Touch for, along with music).

Apple’s rear camera which they have sadly named iSight (terrible name) has been upgraded to 5 megapixels so you can use your iPod Touch for pictures as well (though we’re not sure just how well they’ll turn out). Along with the camera comes the 720p video recording from the Frong Facing camera, for all your Face Time Chats. Bluetooth 4.0 is here, along with AirPlay mirroring and Siri makes the cut as well! For you color loving people, the iPod Touch comes in White, Black, Cyan, Yellow, and Red and will be available in 32Gb ($299) and 64GB ($399) variations. Expect these to be shipping in October, so just next month.

Apple have also gone ahead and redesigned their famous in-ear headphones, and have dubbed it ‘EarPods’. Apple claim they have been working on the EarPods for a good 3 years, so we can only assume they’ll be pretty good. Apple is claiming these headphones will have a much improved sound quality, a better fit in your ears (with durability) while the two smaller grills help ‘direct sounds into the ear’. The iPhone 5 will come with these bad boys right out the box, but those of you who want to purchase these separately can do so from today onwards (once the Apple store is back up of course).

So that’s it from Apple’s event, what does everyone think? Let us know in the comments below!

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