10 Easy Tips to Clean Your New iPhone 5

10 Easy Tips to Clean Your New iPhone 5

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Queues have been steadily growing outside every mobile phone outlet in the week leading up to the iPhone 5’s official release date, which was September 21st 2012. As Apple lovers eagerly prepare to get their hands on the newest addition to the iPhone range, which is set to rival Samsung, Nokia and HTC, many are already focusing on ways to keep their iPhone 5 in pristine condition. Due to this smartphone being a touchscreen device, the screen will inevitably become dirty. With 10 easy tips to clean your iPhone 5, you can eliminate bacteria and prevent stains that could otherwise ruin the smartphone’s condition.

1. Switch the iPhone 5 off and remove any cables that are currently connected to the device, as this will prevent electric shocks and damages to the phones interior components. Also, the brightness of the monitor may distract you from oils, lotions and other blemishes on the screen, which is why you should turn the power off.

2. Take a microfiber cloth and gently smear it over the iPhone 5’s touchscreen. A microfiber cloth is proven to banish 99% of all bacteria, germs and dirt. By cleaning in circular motions, you can effectively eliminate any imperfections or smudges on the surface from daily use.

3. If some marks are more stubborn than others, slightly dampen the microfiber cloth with distilled water. The microfiber cloth will be gentle enough to keep the oleo phobic coating intact, so that the touchscreen works efficiently.

4. When targeting areas near openings such as near the charging port, use the dry side of the microfiber cloth. Any remaining moisture should be absorbed with the cloth to avoid mechanical malfunctions.

5. Use a dry microfiber cloth to lift any grime that remains on the screen. While doing this, focus on the back of the iPhone 5 too as this will likely be covered in fingerprints. A case will be a suitable option for your iPhone 5 if you want to keep it cleaner for longer and reduce the risks of scratches.

6. Avoid using alcohol or ammonia on your iPhone 5 as this will reduce its longevity, due to these chemicals stripping the oleo phobic coating on the phone.

7. Ensure the phone is completely dry before turning it back on. It is best to air dry the device, rather than use a hairdryer or other heat source, as this could cause permanent damage to the phone.

8. Wash the microfiber cloth every time you clean the iPhone 5. This will prevent build-up on the cloth and will remove any crumbs or particles that could scratch the touchscreen.


9. When cleaning on the move, purchase anti-static wipes. These wipes are crafted specifically for screens on the iPhone 5 and will not cause streaks or scratches.

10. For the best results, you should clean the iPhone 5’s screen and back at least once a week to boost performance. A screen protector will keep the screen beneath free of smudges.

Handheld devices like the iPhone 5 are growing in popularity at a rapid rate and the more you use your device, the higher the chances of bacteria multiplying and spreading. Germs and bacteria can be the cause of flu-like illnesses, as well as possible skin irritations such as dermatitis. In addition to removing germs, cleaning your iPhone 5 will prevent its value from dropping and will ultimately advance the phone’s performance. With 50 million people estimated to buy the iPhone 5 this year, it is definitely worth keeping yours in great condition if you want to benefit from the new features, such as its 4-inch widescreen.

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