Tips to synchronize your iCloud calendar with Android device

Tips to synchronize your iCloud calendar with Android device

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With Android phones becoming as popular as the iPhone, a number of users are shifting away from Apple. People who are purchasing new phones may already have a Mac which they love to use and have no intention of replacing. One of the best features of the iOS is the automatic sync between devices that run the iOS. This means that your iCloud Calendar app will be available across all your Apple devices connected to the Internet.

The major pain point in people getting an Android phone is compatibility with Macs. Shifting your contacts, email, transferring your media files and watching streaming videos can be handled by a host of apps designed for this. Till recently, syncing the iCloud calendar has proved to be quite difficult.

Now, switching to an Android phone doesn’t mean that you have to lose out on using iCloud calendar on your phone. Sharing calendars with others using OS X or iOS is easy. Switching over manually to Google Calendar and then sharing it with others is not that easy. This post will show you how to synchronize your iCloud calendar with your Android phone or tablet.

One of the apps that you can use on your Android device to simplify this task is SmoothSync for Cloud Calendar. It is available on Google Play for about $3. Once you’ve downloaded and installed the app, all you have to do is sign in with your iCloud account and choose the calendars that you want to sync with your device. The app takes care of the rest. It even carries over the same colours that you assigned to the different calendars when you created them on your Mac or iPhone. There are a few reports of issues during the first sync, but the developer is easy to reach by email.

If you are not willing to pay for an app, try using CalDav-Sync on your Android device. You will need to locate the calendar entries on your Mac. Search for an Info.plist file in the directories under ~/Library/Calendars. You should try to identify a URL in the form In this URL, XX are numerals that are unique to your device. This is the URL for the server on the cloud that carries you calendar information. In your Android device, open the CalDav Sync app, enter the server name that you identified from your Mac. The username and password are your iCloud login details. Click ok, and your iCloud calendars will be synced to your Android device.

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