Microsoft releases, the new and redesigned Hotmail

Microsoft releases, the new and redesigned Hotmail

Surprisingly, this this was launched yesterday, was kept a secret from the world until after it was launched. First the Surface and now this? Seems like Microsoft is getting the hang of the secrecy thing here! is basically the new and upgraded version of hotmail, though it has been built from the ground up. still looks the same and operates the same as it always did, but it’s younger and better looking brother is certainly taking the world by storm. Taking a cue from their Metro and Windows 8 experience, Outlook features a brand new modern interface that is both cleaner and faster, much like anything on Windows 8. The end result is actually a brand new email service from Microsoft, that uses the same credentials as before (heading to logs straight into your hotmail account, albeit in Metro form) and for once actually looks better than Google’s Gmail service (a service even we at Techin5 use more than hotmail).

At this point is a breath of fresh air considering has no ads on it either, unlike Hotmail which was ridiculously overloaded with ads at time, and even Gmail has an issue with ads from time to time. A person can even customize a few things such as the blue bar at the top (can be changed to various colors) and you can even create an Alias. An Alias is basically the same thing as you current hotmail email, however if you have a rather unprofessional email, you can just ask people to send an email to your ‘professional’ alias and still have that email make it’s way into your original inbox. This helps not having to get rid of that email you made in the 6th grade, because you’re too attached (and/or invested) to it.

And much like Windows 8, with one click you can access the options menu to enter the People (which is all your contacts and addresses whom you have connected to your hotmail account such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, as well as your email contacts), the Calendar (which has yet to be metrofyed) and Skydrive (which is Microsoft’s Cloud).

We asked the Outlook team “What’s going to become with the current Hotmail service, will it slowly fade out, or just be redirected to”. A fair question as we were really wondering what was in store for Hotmail. They told us “We’re just in preview now, but the Hotmail service will eventually be upgraded to this experience. You will not have to change your email address, though, if you don’t want to”. An interesting reply, which we gathered as ‘Hotmail’ will also be upgraded to look like, but woudl that mean that both services will exist independently, or is more of a ‘beta test’ if you will. It’s curious what they have in mind because it’s obvious that Microsoft want to get rid of Hotmail’s bad rep, but if Hotmail will also get the current experience, it just means that there’s still a future for it and Microsoft’s email services seem to be gathering in numbers (not a good thing).

Either way, features some pretty cool features such as Skype integration and calling straight from your inbox, as well as inbuilt facebook and MSN chat.

If you want more information and want to check it out yourselves, head on over to today!

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  • Doug

    It does not look the same or work the same. A third of the screen is taken over by an ad banner. The ability to attach documents to your e-mail is gone and there does not appear to be any way to disable the ‘new’ outlook interface. This is just another example of the arrogance of Bill Gates and Microsoft. They think they know what everyone wants and they gives no choices to their ‘cloned’ customers. Do not overlook ANY opportunity to use a product that is NOT created by Microsoft.