Different Tablets for Different Lifestyles

Different Tablets for Different Lifestyles

The is a Guest Post by Nicky Elkins.

Different Tablets for Different Lifestyles

There are a lot of different tablets out on the market these days. So, when it comes to buying the right one, it can be hard to decide. Finding a tablet that fits into your lifestyle is very important whether you are a business person, student, parent, or an entire family. If all you want to do is to play games or surf the web, then you may not want a tablet that is capable of putting together business plans and proposals. Here are some of the top tablets out on the market, their main uses, and who they might be good for.

Asus Eee Slate B121

The Eee Slate B121 by Asus is an interesting tablet. It is built with an Intel Core Processor, an HD interface, and access to the Asus Web Storage system for cloud computing. This tablet is great for students and business professionals. It runs Windows 7 and, unlike many tablets, it is able to run Microsoft Office products like Word, Excel, and even Power Point. It doesn’t matter how you want to operate the tablet, more than likely it can do it. It comes with a Stylus and Bluetooth Keyboard so you are able to type with a key board if you want, or you can use the touch screen keyboard. However, if you prefer to take notes or write up reports by hand, you can certainly use the Stylus. The Eee Slate has handwriting to text capabilities so you can write in your own handwriting and convert it to text, or keep it in your handwriting. It has the capability to search through documents that are either in plain text or your handwriting, which makes it easy for students to study. The Eee Slate is paving the way for portable computing by being not only a portable tablet, but a full on computer including essential ports, out puts and in puts, like USB and Mini-HDMI. Of course, everyone wants to have fun, and the Slate definitely has some games available to play, but not as much as other tablets that have access to app stores.

Lenovo ThinkPad

Lenovo is also making an impact in the tablet world with their extremely powerful tablet that is great for business and play. The Lenovo ThinkPad tablet is equipped with a NVIDIA Tegra 2 Dual-Core Processor and runs the Android 3.1 operating system and comes with Bluetooth and WiFi connectability. Like the Eee Slate, the ThinkPad has handwriting to text recognition that can be used with the stylus, which makes it easy to write up reports or notes. Of course, since it uses the Android OS, you have access to the Android App Store, and the Lenovo App Store. With both of these you are able to download apps that make file sharing simple and easy, as well as games to pass by the time or to entertain a kid. The display is built with Corning Gorilla Glass which makes it virtually indestructible and great for kids, or people who are rough on their electronics. So, if you are a business person with kids and want a tablet that might be good for the whole family, the ThinkPad would be a good choice.

Kindle Fire

The Amazon Kindle Fire is a popular option for book worms or students. Kindle Fire is about half the size of other tablets so it is easy to put in a back pack, purse, or briefcase. It has a dual core processor, built in WiFi, and has access to Amazon’s cloud storage system. This tablet is set up through Amazon, so any books, movies, or apps that are purchased go through the users Amazon account. The Kindle Fire is good for any avid reader because of its access to thousands of books made for kindle, including textbooks for students, and magazines or newspapers. Unlike the first generation Kindles, the Fire has a full color screen making it great for apps, movies and TV shows, as well as surfing the internet. So, if you are someone who enjoys reading at the doctor’s office, at the gym, or even before bed, the Kindle Fire would be a great tablet for you.

Apple iPad

The Apple iPad 2 is one of the leading tablets out on the market. The iPad 2 is great for someone who wants to surf the web, play games, read, or be social. Running on the iOS 5 this tablet has multiple capabilities like reading from their Newstand that has newspapers, magazines, and different journal subscriptions, messaging with iMessage, using the built in Twitter app, Safari Reader and web browsing, and plenty more. It’s screen has an amazing retina display that is great for viewing text, photos, videos, and is even capable of video editing. Since it is from apple, you have access to iTunes and the App store. Social media and conversing is made easy on the iPad with the different Apps you can download, the built in Twitter, and front facing camera for Facetiming. This tablet is great for everyone in the family because of all of the apps that are available, but it can be easily damaged. So, before you let your children have a go at it; make sure you get a durable case to protect the screen. Unlike many other tablets, the iPad 2 does lack the ability to read or play Flash programs. A lot of people use it the same way they would a laptop, but many find it difficult to type on the screen keyboard, which you can buy a keyboard that is compatible if you would like. The iPad is great if you want to play and surf the web more than do stuff for work or school.

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