10 Essential Productivity iPhone Apps for All Students

10 Essential Productivity iPhone Apps for All Students

This is a Guest Post by Ivan How, who is a passionate tech writer for Lazada. He loves his iPhone and he is constantly browsing the App Store for new and interesting apps. Having written numerous blog posts and articles for many tech blogs, he loves sharing what he knows about mobile apps and consumer electronics in general.

What springs to mind when college starts and you’ll be facing a host of presentations and assignments? Most probably you’re thinking pens, lots of paper, group discussions, and long hours in library doing research. Isn’t that a lot of hassle? Why not make life easier with technology?

You’re a lucky student if you come across this post and most importantly, you have an iPhone. An iPhone is more than just a phone for gaming and social networking. Whether the following apps are going to become an excuse to your parents to get you an iPhone or your ultimate secret to getting good grades in your upcoming semester, as a student, you will be relieved that you have them installed to welcome a brand new semester.


Heard of Dropbox? If you haven’t, then here’s a little introduction. Dropbox is an online portal that allows you to share files, videos, pictures and documents. Folders and files can be synchronized among multiple users, making collaboration possible.

How it can help students?

Using Dropbox, documents relating to assignments can be shared among group members. Any updates or changes are automatically updated and other members will have no confusion over file versions.

When installed on your iPhone, you can easily share inspirations and ideas in the form of images or audio recordings. You can even download some of the files to work on them as and when required. Group meetings, which most of the time are spent presenting what you’ve done, can now be cut short with the help of Dropbox.


Keynote is a mobile application that allows you to create presentations just like Microsoft PowerPoint. If you need a slide deck done for an urgent presentation that slipped your mind, Keynote is the best solution as it is well-equipped with both basic and advanced slide creation features.

How it can help students?

Keynote allows students to prepare your presentation slides on the go. Any ideas that pop into mind can be immediately inserted into your slides. Ideas are not wasted and time is saved. Keynote also lets you to synchronize your files onto iCloud and therefore, any updates or changes you made with your iPhone will be available on your Mac and iPad. Keynote is available for download at the AppStore for a mere $0.99. It’s a no brainer if you asked me.

Presentation Viewer

You have great ideas on your iPhone, you wish to show it during your presentation or your peers, but the iPhone screen is too small. What do you do? Download Presentation Viewer from the Apple App Store. Presentation Viewer allows you to connect your iPhone to a projector or a TV using the Apple AV Cable. Have your slides ready on your iPhone, connect to a projector device or TV and you’ll have your work projected onto a bigger screen.

How it can help students?

With Presentation Viewer on your iPhone, you can save the hassle of carrying your bulky laptop to your next presentation. Just transfer the files onto your iPhone and present your slides via the Presentation Viewer App. Presentation Viewer is available at the Apple App Store for a fee of just $2.99. You won’t regret getting this app if you’re always flooded with assignments that requires you to present.

Converter Touch

If you were asked to convert 20 kilometres into miles, would you be able to answer the question precisely? You’ll probably take some time. Well, the Converter Touch app is capable of converting anything into your desired units of measurement within seconds.

How it can help students?

Even adults struggle to answer the simplest of conversions. Students, especially international students studying curriculum from a different country, can download Converter Touch onto their iPhone to help them with studies. With just a few taps, the conversions are done.

Groups: SMS, Emails

If your peers are all iPhone users, then there’s no better app for group discussion than Groups. Groups allow you to send SMS and e-mails to designated groups of people. Instead of having to send a message to each and every contact separately, you may create a group chat containing your peers, and discuss any changes or updates on class schedules, projects or assignments.

How it can help students?

With Groups, you may communicate with your group members rather than meeting up in the library, which takes time and space. Save the hassle and download Groups app from the Apple Store. You may now communicate with you members while you’re doing your chores. The Groups app is available at $4.00. The Groups app is slightly costly, but you sure won’t regret it.


Evernote is a note taking app that you can bring with you everywhere you go. Unlike the conventional note apps where you can only save text notes, Evernote allows you to save memos of all sorts including texts, web pages, recorded voice, images, to-do lists and have them synchronized across all the device that you own.

How it can help students?

Students can simply take notes with this app or record ongoing lectures. If your lecturer allows it, you can even take a screenshot of the scribblings on the whiteboard or projector screen. Once you’re back home, you can comfortably enjoy these self-created multimedia notes via your computer, tablets or your iPhone.


What could be more difficult than trying to understand a term or word in your studies that is not in your native language? Translating words from another language to another is easy if you have Internet. What if you don’t? Get the iTranslate from the Apple App Store and you can be proud that translating words are at the tip of your finger.

How it can help students?

iTranslate has words and phrases in 50+ language, and it will definitely help students in understanding foreign language terms or phrases. Just type in the word and the app will translate it for you to the language you desire. It only costs $1.99, which is affordable. Apart from translating your study materials, students pursuing their education in a foreign country can use this app to learn and understand the language people in the country are using.

oneSafe – Secure Vault

If you have information that you prefer to keep to yourself, then oneSafe is your solution. The oneSafe app allows users to lock their documents and files. If you have important documents or slides that you wish to be privately accessible only, then quickly download the oneSafe app from Apple App store.

How it can help students?

The oneSafe app allows students to keep their presentations or important documents locked away from others. Plagiarism is common with assignments and those unpublished are even more attractive. If you have your slides or files saved on your iPhone, oneSafe will keep it safe and sound. The app is available for download at the App Store for $5.99. Although its slightly pricy, the oneSafe promises good security.


Timetables are a headache for every student. Whether you’re in school or college, timetables often slip through your mind. Instead of having a traditional timetable, why not bring your timetable with you all the time? Since you will always be with your iPhone, having your timetable preloaded on it is a brilliant idea.

How it can help students?

The Time-Table app allows you to keep track of your schedule on the go. Inputting the time of your classes and making necessary changes is easy. One can also set alarms for important events such as exams and tests. The Time-Table is available for download from the App Store for only $0.99. It’s worth the money considering students have a hundred things going through their mind at the same time.

abc Notes

The abc Notes app, just like the sticky notes on your desktop, allows you to leave notes on the lock screen of your iPhone.

How it can help students?

Since students are always occupied with assignments and classes, it is easy for them to forget tasks and to-dos. With abc Notes, students should have no reason to miss any events, both personal or class-related as well as important classes.


Have you tried any of the app above? Do you have other apps that you highly recommend for students? Share your suggestions with us in the comments below.


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