The Five Best Social Media Apps for Smartphones

The Five Best Social Media Apps for Smartphones

This is a Guest post contributed by Victoria Johnsonr, a freelance mobile technology writer who currently writes for a popular phone sim card provider.

Whether you happen to be a fan of iPhones or Android phones, the applications these smartphones run tend to give them most of their usefulness. These days you can complete an incredible number of tasks solely from your smartphone. For example, the rise of social media sites allowed people from all over the world to connect in a remarkable way. With the development of smartphone apps to accompany these social media sites, people’s interaction and connectivity have only continued to increase. These are the five best social media smartphone applications available now.

# 1: Facebook

The Facebook app is preinstalled on nearly all modern smartphones. This is simply due to the fact that nearly everyone uses Facebook as a social network through which to interact online. Facebook allows you to find old friends and make new ones and to communicate with them whenever you wish. In addition, with the Facebook application, you can take a picture on your smartphone and instantly upload it to your Facebook page. If you want to know what your friends and family are doing, or how they are feeling, the Facebook application is the fastest and most convenient way to stay connected to them.

# 2: Skype

If you want to talk to someone face-to-face, try the Skype application. This smartphone app allows you to use your phone’s camera to easily talk with friends, family and coworkers when you are unable to see them in person. The application is perfect for people who travel often.

# 3: Twitter

Twitter is an site that many celebrities use to stay in touch with their fans, but it is also extremely popular with ordinary individuals. Even though there are many varieties of the application available to be installed on smartphones these days, the official Twitter application is used the most. It allows you to express your opinions in a short, succinct format whenever you wish.

# 4: eBuddy

eBuddy allows you to check your instant messaging from virtually all major IM services, including AOL, Yahoo and Gmail. You can also check your Facebook messaging with this application. Using eBuddy is much faster and more convenient than logging in to a variety of different programs.

# 5: Yelp

Yelp is an extremely useful application for those of you who enjoy the nightlife. It allows you to give your opinion on restaurants, nightclubs and bars that you have visited recently. Of course, it also allows you to see reviews posted by others, helping you find new hotspots to try out. The application allows you to check or update these reviews while you are on the go, rather than merely while you are at your computer.

Whether by talking with family and friends or voicing your political opinion, there are many ways to stay socially connected through your smartphone. Smartphones can run many apps to help get you through your day; the social media applications are among the most widely used and convenient. Staying in touch while on the go becomes easier every day due to these smartphone applications.

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  • Michael Aulia

    I like Tweetbot better than Twitter, but obviously it is a paid app; Seesmic is a good one too as it can combine both Twitter and Facebook in one app (though for some reasons I still ended up using separate apps for my Twitter and Facebook’s “experience”)

  • Techin5

    True, these are all free ones though so anyone can get them. I haven’t tried tweetbot yet tbh.