More iPhone Apps, Anyone?

More iPhone Apps, Anyone?

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In our previous articles (I sure hope you are eagerly following suit), I discussed five of the iPhone apps that will surely jettison your iPhone experience from ‘bland’ to ‘hallelujah!’ It’s rather blasphemous, but staunch religiosity has no bearing on the mind that thinks only expletives and cusswords can approximate the intensity of his amazement.

But enough of this meandering talk! Allow me to present to you another set of mobile apps that will escalate your iPhone experience to the heights of supreme tech wonders.

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For the person who deeply identifies with Martha Stewart and Emeril Lagasse:

  • How to Cook Everything. Based on Mark Britman’s book, the app gives you access to 2,000 recipes that will make you a connoisseur of succulent and tasty food. It will give you great pieces of cooking advice, how-to visual information, ingredient details, timers, and organized shopping lists.

For the music enthusiast whose line of thinking revolves around the lyrics of the newest Beyoncé hit, and the up-beat tempo of the latest Lady Gaga melody:

  • Enter the name of the artist you like, and the app will give you several recommendations based on your music preference. It is a free app that lets you listen to as much music as you want. Time to play that funky tune of yours!
  • Public Radio Tuner. As special as the works, here is an app that lets you reach the frequency of all radio stations across the country. It’s a geo-specific app that detects your exact location and yields a comprehensive list of the music and radio stations around you.

For the regular iPhone user who is enticed by virtual games:

  • Plants vs. Zombies. This is a fun way to approach the coming of the zombie apocalypse: No more graphical decapitations, amputated limbs, and blasting zombies into smithereens. The plants on your lawn will be there to prevent your brains from being devoured. Showcase your survival tactics as you defend yourself from zombie infestation through a panoply of killer flora. This is one addictive game for the faint-of-heart, and the not-so-faint-of-heart as well.
  • Words with Friends. Feeling accursed because of your stupendous vocabulary? This is one way to exhibit that hypallage, enuresis, and moribund can still find some use in the world of limited word stacks. WWF is a game reminiscent of Scrabble and Word Factory that you can play with your pals or even like-minded strangers. The game uses push notifications that tell you to take your turn, or invite friends to join in on the fun!

For the graphic designer in you:

  • Diptic. So, photo manipulation and editing excites you? Why not make the task easier and creative? With Diptic, you can combine two or three photos to create a cool new image. With this, you can juxtapose the photo of your pet dog, and your pals on the background of say, the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France. Not only is this interesting, but totally addictive!

There you are, champs- another list of the best iPhone apps you can equip your mighty Apple phone with. Enjoy the purchase at the App Store!

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