Malaysia Airlines App swings it’s way onto the Windows Phone Marketplace

Malaysia Airlines App swings it’s way onto the Windows Phone Marketplace

Despite having been launched late last month, we weren’t aware that Malaysia Airlines, a World 5-Star Airline, had released their app for the Windows Phone platform which is why we’re just getting around to covering it. Malaysia Airlines aka MAS has told us way back in April that they were planning to launch their own in-house app for the Windows Phone platform, but they never did tell us it was out (which is a shame), but we came across it after they mentioned it on their Facebook page. Being a frequent Malaysia Airlines flyer myself, I’m quite glad they’ve finally launched an App I can use to book flights, check in and more (now if only Emirates would follow suite).

We’ve just taken the app for a spin and first impression are good. The app is fluid and smooth, and the color scheme seems to work well (based on their updated plane livery, as shown on their A380 aircraft they just launched earlier this month) with the phone, though we wish we could change the tile colors to reflect our own phone’s color theme. From within the app, you can book flights, check-in to that flight (which is much easier than using their mobile site), check your flights status and other flight timetables, as well as check details to your flight straight from the app. The MAS app also allows you to save your details including Passport details for quick and easy future bookings. There are also a few cool things such as being able to track your Enrich (frequent flyer card) details, deals & offers, and the app also gives you a few useful numbers to contact people at Malaysia Airlines for specific things.

The final part of the app is the social aspect, where from within the app itself you can check all things related to the Airlines (such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube pages). From what we know, the app isn’t as fully functional as it’s iOS or Android versions (no QR codes are stored on the phone yet), but we’re sure these features should make their way onto the app soon. The app is available worldwide, so if you’re planning to take a trip with Malaysian Airlines soon, and you own a Windows Phone, then this is the app for you!

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