How to spot the best mobile phone contracts

How to spot the best mobile phone contracts

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When it comes to selecting the best mobile phone bill with the greatest flexibility many will find they are unable to access the best mobile phone deals. Flexibility is your friend and this means that you are willing to have a contract with any network and that you are willing provide the phone yourself. With this flexibility you can change contract month-by-month basis in order to realise the best value for money.

These options may not be open to everybody. For example, if you want the latest handset and are not and you’re not willing to purchase it outright then you will have to sign a lengthy contract with a provider. This will give you a free phone, but the provider will claw the cost of the phone back over the length of contract and you will be left with a hefty monthly bill.

So what are the different situations you might find yourself in and what options will they give you.

Own your own phone?

If you already have a handset, or are willing to buy one then you have access to the full range of contracts that are available. This means you can choose a contract (both fixed length and rolling) or a pay-as-you-go tariff. Pay-as-you-go is a great option for those wishing to keep down the monthly costs as they can be yours for as little as five pounds a month. This type of offer will typically not include free minutes or texts, but is a great option for those who wish to retain a number, or have a phone strictly for emergency use.

If you’ll be using your phone more often you may wish to opt for a slightly more expensive rolling contract. Typically such contracts have a length of 30 days so you can cancel at the end of the month and seek out better deal. If you’re willing to pay between £10 and £15 a month you can expect to receive a substantial amount of free minutes and texts and possibly even a data allowance

Want the latest handset?

If you can’t live without the latest iPhone and can’t purchase it outright then you will forced to opt for either an 18 month or 20 month contract. Typically you will receive a free phone, and a generous allowance of text data and talk as the company knows that it has your business for a reasonable amount of time and can therefore make back the money on the handset.

Measure what you use.

When selecting a new contract spend a couple of months assessing your current phone usage. This information will allow you to choose a Tariff that provides sufficient free minutes and texts. If your tariff is under delivering you can end up paying for your calls and this can rapidly inflating the bill.


Some users may have gained great benefit from the additional perks that mobile phone providers offer can offer. This can range from free calls within a family group, special numbers with reduce rates, and an allowance for international calling within your free talk allowance. If any of these additional elements are useful to you then check out what each provider can offer to find the best solution.

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