Dick Smith’s Techzone Event Round-Up

Dick Smith’s Techzone Event Round-Up

Dick Smith invited us to their Dick Smith Techzone event, which they were holding at Souther Cross Station, Melbourne to check out all their toys from their Massive Toy Sale Range. The event focused on three different sections – ‘Click and Collect’ QR code’s – a Toy Wall which featured a picture of most of their Toy’s, in which you could snap a picture of the individual toy’s QR code and check the Toy’s stock and/or reserve it if you wanted to pick it up, Dick’s Dash – A figure 8 mini race track on which you could race one of their Toy Car’s to set a hot lap, with the fastest lap driver receiving an Ansmann Hot Rod Racer. The final section was Dick’s Playtime, a designated area set up within the tent to test out all their Toy’s which ranged from Helicopters, to mini Mario Karts.

The toy’s were obviously out in their full masses and they ranged from Helicopters (remote controlled) to Mario Karts and even to an iPad controlled Porsche car, which uses an app on your iPad or Android device to control the lights, horn, and even steering/speed without the need of a designated controller. I was actually impressed with the sensitivity of the car based on the turn motion of the iPad, and even managed to get it to do a few drifts via the iPad!

Dick Smith even managed to have a Peel Car on demo, the three wheeler tiny car from Peel Engineering. Dick Smith told us that they owned the only two Peel Car’s in Australia and they were using it for the first time to advertise their booth. Frankly, we think that was a great idea because people were always drawn in by the tiny car that could fit in most people’s showers. I even managed to get inside the car despite my 6’1 size, and was quite surprised by just how tiny it was. Despite the size, I really enjoyed getting in the car, despite the tight entrance/exit.

Dick Smith also told us that their booth was never empty at any stage of the day, and lot’s of people came by to look at potential toys for their kids, or even themselves. By our count, that’s a success if there were always people interested in finding out what was going on inside the tent. Other than that, a lot of people were drawn to the mini race track in order to get their name up on the score sheet, and try and win that Hot Rod Racer valued at $199. I had my 7 attempts on it, and on the final attempt I managed to snag a 6th place time on the board, Top Gear Style – it’s much more difficult that it looks (isn’t that right Michael! See his time on CravingTech!). Our Proof below (no idea why I’m smiling, that time wasn’t even in the top 5!):

Overall a fun event, where people of all ages found something to do or check out. If you’re interested in any of their toys, don’t forget to head online or in store to check out the rest of their Toy Range. If we had one complaint, is that we hope their tent is bigger next year so that people can really have more room to test the toys out. Special thanks to Nicola and Charlie for giving us the demo of the toys and running us through the event and for putting up with all my annoying questions!

Furthermore, we’ve got another giveaway coming up in an hour, where you can win 1 x $100 Dick Smith Vouchers! We’ve got 5 to giveaway so stay tuned!

Check out the rest of the pictures from the even below as well.

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  • http://www.CravingTech.com/ Michael Aulia @CravingTech.com

    7 attempts!!! That’s unfair, I only had one haha ah well, it’s for fun anyway :)

  • http://www.techin5.com Techin5

    Lol, I wasn’t even planning to put my name on the board the first 5 attempts so it was just for fun as well. Then I got competitive 😛