Ansmann Hot Rod Racer Review

Ansmann Hot Rod Racer Review

The Ansmann Hot Rod Racer is available from a Dick Smith Electronic near you, or on their website as part of their Massive Toy Sale Range for $199. Head over to their website to check out the rest of their Toy Sale categories.

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The Ansmann Hot Rod racer is actually a racer you would expect to be sold only for kids, except it’s not – it’s made for those of all ages and would probably be aimed at those in their elder teenage years. What is it? Well the Ansmann Hot Rod racer is actually a miniature remote controlled racing car which is powerful enough to hit speeds of up to 40km/h on a straight road. Pretty impressive for something just bigger than 1 foot. Thanks to Dick Smith, as part of their Toy Sale range, we were able to get our hands on one to really test how great this little racer is.

The actual racer is modelled on a real Hot Rod, with a 1:10 exact scale meaning you’re basically getting a miniature Hot Rod in your own home. It’s 2WD so you won’t exactly be going over any rough terrain with this, but anyone who lives in Australia’s suburbs knows there are plenty of straight roads to test out it’s speed to your hearts desire. Luckily for most of you, the Hot Rod racer comes preassembled although there are instructions included in the manual to show you how to assemble it if you’re interested. We’re just glad we didn’t have to assemble it because that looked like a hell of a complicated construction. Included in the pack, is the racer’s 2000w NiMH battery to power your car for ages. Unfortunately, the controller (which uses a 2.4ghz connection to ‘talk’ to the car) requires a set of 8 AA batteries which is a bit of a hassle but luckily we did have 8 lying around the house. It’s weird that Dick Smith wouldn’t supply a secondary battery back for this racer, but the added bonus of the 2000w NiMH battery does compensate for it.

Quality wise, the Hot Rod is fantastic. Obviously the Hot Rod car cover (the flame riddled top you see in the image above) is just a plastic cover, the real deal lies hidden underneath  it. It’s a fantastic looking build, and it’s also got Heavy duty oil shocks, Horizontal steering servo, Adjustable slipper clutch, and covered gears. What this all means is you’re getting a very in-tuned, quick to react racing car which is quite quick and takes a little bit of time getting used to. In our first test run, we decided to do it in-house (since it was dark outside). Well, unfortunately the car is much too quick to react and we found out quickly that this bad boy needs so wide open areas to run free (Please don’t run it at home, you might damage something).

The car is also reversible, and you can adjust (on the controller) the amount of turn the car has through the small knobs on the controller. This is there for those time you might see your car drifting a little wide, and all it takes is a little correction to get the car straightened up. When it comes to the controller, we do wish they had included the standard dual button controller since that’s what we’re used to – but it seems as if that was for the past. The controller takes a few tries to get used to, but once you do you’ll be hard pressed to put it down. The car itself is very responsive at slower speeds and reacts very quickly to the controller and can instantly shift into reverse at slower speeds. However at higher speeds, it takes about 1 – 2 seconds before it will shift to reverse, all the while slowing down. We understand this is obviously for safety reasons so the racer doesn’t burn it’s gears out by quickly changing from full speed to reverse. As for the NiMH battery life, we’ve spent an hour to two with it already and we haven’t seen it dying on us yet, although if it does, it can be charged up with the included charger.

Now obviously we’ve had some great fun with this product, so we insist on everyone heading into Dick Smith and picking one up today. No matter how young or old, you’ll find tremendous joy from these racers, or even Dick Smith’s line of other remote controlled racers or helicopters. As for our final score, we’ve decided to give it an 8.5 because we feel that it’s an impressive racer with some great speeds and a quality racer build. We’ve deducted points because we prefer the dual analog racer style (personal preference). Also you need 8 AA batteries for the controller, but even so, from research we’ve found out that they tend to last a very long time in the racer.

So what are you waiting for? Head into Dick Smith and pick one up today, and race away.

Dick Smith are also holding a Race car competition at Southern Cross Station between the 4th of July and the 6th of July, so join us for a day of fun racing then! We’ll be down there on the 4th of July at 4pm so don’t forget to come say hi to us as well.

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