Top 3 Exciting New Innovations in HD-TV Technology

Top 3 Exciting New Innovations in HD-TV Technology

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Go back 20 years and all televisions were basically the same; visibly pixelated, crackly and they were a few feet deep. Look at the modern TVs today and they’re all thinner than a piece of paper and the picture quality is so good it’s like looking through a window.

HD TVs today are so breath taking in their brilliance that it’s easy to forget that there is still plenty to add and improve on, even with all fantastic features they currently have. We’ve hand picked a few exciting innovations that are starting to be introduced.

Dual Screen

Dual Screen technology is currently only available for gamers, as it allows two people to play split screen mode whilst watching different screens on the same screen simultaneously, sound complicated? The picture below makes it slightly clearer.

Simply whip on a pair of glasses and you’ll be able to watch on a full screen whilst your opponent watches in full screen too, but you’re both seeing entirely different things. Gamers no longer have to share two tiny screens packed into a full screen.

Whilst this is a really cool innovation in the world of gaming, it could also mean that one day you can watch a different programme to the person sitting next to you – no more fighting over who has the remote!

Voice Controls

The new line of LG HD televisions have impressed everyone with their voice control technology,  which allows you to control your own television just by speaking to it.

Instead of typing words letter by letter when you’re searching for something, just shout at the TV and it will recognise your speech then convert it into text. You can also do more simple tasks, like change channel and turn the volume up and down.

It might seem like a bit of a clever gimmick but there are plenty of fantastic uses apart from saving time and energy, for example people who cannot use a normal TV remote will be able to use a television with greater ease.

Built-in Cameras

Now having a TV with a built-in camera isn’t all that impressive, what is truly impressive is the things you can do when you combine a television with a camera.

If you have internet connectivity then you can use the camera with Skype for a better experience or you can use the camera to turn your TV into a mirror.

The new LG televisions that we mentioned above even use cameras to allow hand gesture controls, which currently are quite buggy but once the controls are more refined, it could be another fantastic feature.

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