Metrotwit for Windows 8 preview, out now for download

Metrotwit for Windows 8 preview, out now for download

We recently gave everyone an exclusive sneak peak at the forthcoming MetroTwit for Windows 8 app, and from the initial reactions it looks like people have been very excited about this launch. Well we’re happy to tell everyone that today we’re finally releasing pictures of what MetroTwit for Windows 8 will actually look like, in an Techin5 Exclusive preview. We’ve actually been using Metro MetroTwit (what it’s been dubbed in the testing stages) since Windows 8 Release Preview was released (first few days of June), and of course this wouldn’t be possible without the help from the guys in charge of MetroTwit.

So there you go guys, that is the first screenshot of the much anticipated Windows 8 MetroTwit app! The first thing you’ll notice is the layout is similar to MetroTwit on the desktop side of things, but much better looking. The blue here really brings out the vibe of a metro app, although if you’re not a fan of blue you won’t be able to change the color just yet. The app essentially has a Notification bar (dark blue) on the left and this is where you can swap between your three main communication views – Timeline, Mentions, and Direct Messages as you can also see below.

It’s also your hub to your profile to see your tweets, your followers, the people you follow, and so on as you can see in the screen below (this screen is reached by clicking on your name).

As you can see, it’s basically your profile ‘hub’, if you will. You can skim through your followers and people you follow and actually go to their profile if you want (something which has improved over the desktop version). This is obviously so you don’t have to exit the app and go into Metro IE 10 to see these details, and it’s a welcome improvement.

You’ve also got the manage columns button in the same section, and that brings up the section where you can sort out how you want the columns to be set up, and which live tiles you want showing (currently the colored tiles on the left hand side). It’s here you can also search for hashtags and users you want to stalk (ahem, we mean find).

As for tweeting, it’s a simple process of left clicking to bring up the menu at the bottom of the app, and clicking the ‘New Tweet Button’. From there on you have the option to tweet or upload an image (or take a photo using your webcam) and tweet as well, so it’s a rather simple process (do keep in mind this is also made with tablets in mind, not only desktop users).

Replying to a tweet is also a simple process of left clicking in the tweet. Following that you get a number of options as you can see below, from replying to reposting (retweeting) to even seeing their username. It’s clear the MetroTwit developers have put in a lot of work into this app to make it accessible to both desktop and future tablet users. Of course, if you don’t have a mouse then it’s going to make it very hard for desktop users, but there’s always the non-metro version of MetroTwit sitting right there, ready for use!

Overall it’s a really nice looking and sturdy app, and we applaud the amount of work that the Dev’s have put into this app. It’s quick, it’s great to look at and it’s already become our favourite Metro Twitter app. We suggest you go on and take a look at the App in the App Store now, because you won’t be disappointed (remember you need Windows 8 Release Preview to download it).

Special Thanks to Long Zheng for involving us in the MetroTwit for Windows 8 beta program.

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