How To Easily Recover Lost or Deleted Files From Hard Disk Using Professional Software

How To Easily Recover Lost or Deleted Files From Hard Disk Using Professional Software


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No one can deny the fact that hard disks have a higher propensity for corruption as they are composed of several mechanical parts. When one of these parts stops working, it results in mechanical failure making all data stored on the disk inaccessible. However, the most critical scenarios of data loss in Windows occur due to logical disk errors. These errors can range from an invalid entry in the file allocation table to file system corruption on a highly fragmented drive. More often than not, this logical disk corruption strikes due to bad exits from Windows, deranged software, flaky device driver code, operating system bugs, and malware infection. All these factors cause data corruption on your hard disk. To overcome these problems easily, you should perform hard drive data recovery through professional third-party software.

In a similar situation, you may receive any of the following errors on your screen:

‘Serious Disk Error Writing Drive ’
‘Data Error Reading Drive ’
‘Seek Error – Sector not found’

The above error messages show up as a result of some physical damage on your hard disk. These errors may also indicate data corruption on the disk.

In order to verify your hard disk for any physical errors, you should run ‘ScanDisk’. This tool thoroughly scans your drive to identify physical damage. In case it finds damaged data on the disk, it gives you a choice to save this data to another file or to altogether discard it. The time taken by the surface scan performed by ScanDisk varies depending on the size of your hard disk.

You need to follow the given steps to run ScanDisk from within Windows:

Go to ‘Start’ and select ‘Programs’. From there, click ‘Accessories’->’System Tools’-> ‘ScanDisk’.
Choose the drive that you need to scan for errors.
Select ‘Thorough’ and then, click ‘Start’.

If ScanDisk fails the damage on your disk, you should take help of commercial third-party HDD recovery software. These advanced utilities perform a comprehensive scan on your hard disk to recover every piece of lost, delete, or inaccessible information. They can easily restore data lost due to accidental deletion, formatting or corruption of partitions, virus attack, and system crash.

One of the finest hard disk data recovery tools is ‘Stellar Phoenix Windows Data Recovery’. This tool supports recovery from all types of hard drives, including SCSI, SATA, EIDE, and IDE. Moreover, it is compatible with Windows 7, Vista, Server 2003, XP, 2000, and NT4 (SP6).

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