Experience Piece: From a Technologically challenged point of view

Experience Piece: From a Technologically challenged point of view

This is a Gust Post by Joanne Koh. She is currently a third year Journalism Student at RMIT University. She enjoys writing about the arts, culture, people and entertainment. Her dream is to one day work in magazine production and hopefully be well versed in a the tech world.

The last phone I had lasted me 8 years. Never once did I lose it, break it or replace it and it worked marvelously up until the very end of the 8 year period.

8 years. That’s something I’m secretly very proud of. But when I shared this information with my friends, the reactions I got were far from what I expected. Shock was the first thing that registered on their faces. Then came the raised eyebrows, confusion, some even looked like they were in pain. A few offered me a little laugh, but I can’t help but noticed a slight awkwardness and uneasiness in their laughter. What’s wrong with 8 years?

Image by: Brian Moloney

If this situation was reversed, and for example one of my friends tells me that his/her phone lasted close to a decade, I’d be impressed. Seriously.  The stuff I hear from my friends are often – “I lost it in the club last night!”, or “I dropped it and now the screen’s cracked”, or even “ I was in the toilet and it fell out of my back pocket, now the thing’s drowned! I need a new phone”!   Never have I heard “My phone is 8 years old and never endured a crack or a smashing.” Save for some scratches and fading of the paint (as expected with age), my Nokia phone was a dependable little hero.  Then one day, the battery started failing me and no matter how many times I changed the battery, the phone would just shut off on its own. That’s when I knew it’s time had come.

When I was forced to get myself a new phone, I was in agony. I am abnormally useless with technology. When I am forced to learn something new, whether it is a new program or even just a new computer or phone, something happens in my head that feels like there’s a sudden road block. I feel stuck, lost and very, very incompetent. I hate admitting this of course, it just leaves me feeling extremely embarrassed, but I would find any excuse I could not ot upgrade anything that involves me learning a new technology. Suffice to say I never bothered with new gadgets.

But in this day and age, one just has to grit their teeth and force through this road block if one wants to fit into society. I say this with a bit of indignation, but really; the only way to keep moving and improving is to conform to new technology. Every aspect of life now involves technology whether you like it or not, and it is always evolving and improving. So what happened next? I bought a Samsung Galaxy S II.

My first smartphone, ever. It was a very strange feeling when I told my friends that I had gotten a smartphone. The way my friends reacted to the news, you’d have thought I just had a baby or something.  They actually congratulated me and excitedly taught me about ‘apps’ and how to use my phone! And really, after finally having gotten the hang of using this new phone, I am now slightly ashamed of the deep fear I had of learning how to use a smartphone. It was easier than I  has expected! And I could not be happier about using internet on the go, and posting up pictures from my phone onto Facebook. I have finally jumped on that bandwagon too!

Now that the Samsung Galaxy S III is out, I might even be tempted to have a look at the new model. But as for upgrading my phone?  I think I want to stick with my first smartphone baby for a while. It is a symbol of my little step forward into conquering my fear and dislike of learning new technologies.  Maybe this will be a great excuse to acquire an iPad now too…

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