ACi India unveils India’s lowest costing laptops, at Rs 4,999

ACi India unveils India’s lowest costing laptops, at Rs 4,999

UK Based computer brand ACi has today announced the development of a new low cost laptop specifically for the Indian market. At this time, the laptop does not have a name, nor have they announced any specs for the laptop which is expected to locally cost Rs 4,999 ($90 AUD). That’s a ridiculously cheap laptop, which will be expected to sell over 200,000 units in the first year on sale in India, thanks to it’s affordable price.

The laptop is expected to run Windows (hopefully Windows 7), and ACi’s India marketeer Allied Computers International’s (Asia) Mananging Director Hirji Patel said that “We have launched India’s super low cost laptop at Rs 4,999. It will be real fully functional, Windows compatible laptop, at the lowest price tag in the country,”. The laptop is also expected to have a HD display (we gather 720p as opposed to Full HD which is 1080p). This would be India’s first low-cost laptop which is fully functional, though we’d wait till the specs have been announced to truly call it ‘fully functional’.

The product is expected to be produced in China before being imported to India and sold for the low price tag it comes with. “We will never compromise on quality with price. The range we will be offering are carefully designed and developed just like majority of our models launched both in UK and India,” Patel said. We’ve personally never tried an ACi computer, so we can’t comment on their quality or range of computers but should the ACi Indian laptop be as good as Mr. Patel has said, then Indians will have a bright future in the low-cost laptop field. Hopefully we’ll be able to fill you in on more information on the specs when they are made available. No release date has been set for the computer as of yet either.

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Source: Economic Times India

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  • aravind

    is it really good in terms of quality?

  • Techin5

    We’re not quite sure since it hasn’t been released yet.