5 Reasons to Choose a Windows Phone

5 Reasons to Choose a Windows Phone


This is a Guest Post by Matt Rawlings, an experienced technology blogger based in the United Kingdom who is becoming a regular guest contributor to the Techin5 website.

Smartphone are up there with tablet computers on the list of “must have” gadgets right now, and everybody seems to have a different opinion of which is best. Normally the discussion evolves around the iPhone or the BlackBerry, but in recent years the Samsung Galaxy has become a serious contender for the crown and the title of “King of the Smartphones.”

The latest models of the iPhone – the 4S – and the Samsung – the Galaxy S3 – both run different operating systems, with the iOS and Android Ice Cream Sandwich respectively, and you’d be forgiven for believing that these are the only options, after all, they’re run on arguably the best smartphones on the market.

But the Windows Phone system from Microsoft is developing and most importantly improving with each upgrade, and the Windows Phone 7 series are starting to seriously push the big boys into upping their own games in terms of performance, in both the contract phone category and the prepaid sim card category. So much so that there are a series of reasons why a Windows Phone is better than the rivals, but here are the top five:


When using your smartphone to run applications or to use the Internet, you want to access the world instantly. Of all the operating systems, the Windows Phone 7 is by far the fastest, mainly because it has been developed by one of the best in the business in Microsoft with decades of experience and research behind them.


Many users pick their new smartphone based on the ability to play games either through downloaded apps or online. If that’s your cup of tea – or if gaming is the ideal accompaniment for your tea break – then the Windows Phone 7 OS blows the others out of the water for both speed and the overall gaming experience, feeling much more like a console than a mobile phone. And let’s not forget Xbox integration in all Windows Phones!


The problem with a lot of Android powered smartphones is that the manufacturers of the phones themselves aren’t that great. More and more companies are offering “budget” smartphones, and the reason for that is they simply want the sales. They’re using poor, cheaply manufactured materials and then selling phones which will inevitably malfunction in a matter of months – if they last that long! Only top quality manufacturers use Windows Phone operating systems so you can guarantee that your phone will last.


One of the best things about smartphones is that the all come with built in cameras. The only drawback is that the majority of them are pretty poor. Take the iPhone – brilliant phone, without question, but the camera leaves a lot to be desired. With Windows Phone 7, you only get HD cameras, so there is no compromise on the quality of your snapshot whether you’re using a phone with 5MP or 15MP.

Social Integration

Another key use for a smartphone is to use social networks on the go. Using the likes of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google + and the rest are verging on obsessions for some people, and while the iPhone has recently added Twitter to the hardware side via the latest system updates, Windows Phone 7 gives you everything pre-built in so you can Tweet and Like to your heart’s content.

As for the future of the Windows Phone, like everything really, things are only expected to get better. As competitors such as the iPhone and BlackBerry raise their game, the Windows platform will have to also which could result in anything from an improved HD camera to something that the geniuses in the research and development department may not have even thought of yet. The speed that technology is evolving at right now is insane. It was only ten years ago that if we wanted to watch television on a widescreen, we went to the cinema. Now we’re demanding not just widescreen, but HD and 3D in our own homes.

Can you predict what the next features will be? Probably not. Many believe that there are “leaks” of innovative new features for the next models but a lot of these never come to fruition. After all, how long have iPhone users been demanding improved battery life, a better camera and a larger display – and only the larger display could happen with the latest model. Keep your eye on the Windows Phone folks – this is going to get bigger and better! Trust me.

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