5 of the most useful Apps for Backpacking around Australia

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5 of the most useful Apps for Backpacking around Australia

Backpacking around Australia has now become so commonplace that you’re never far from another fellow traveller, who’s possibly following the same route that you are too. However, Australia is a mighty big place, so there are always plenty of alternative options. At the same time, backpacking round Australia is always that little bit better if you put some thought into it first.

Better still, things have become even better now that we have access to apps, those great little chunks of software that can be installed on smartphones and tablet devices, and allow you to carry out just about any task or chore with ease. Apps can certainly make travelling easier, as the following selection of five will reveal:

  • Tripit – Being organised is always a bonus and the Tripit app is one tool that allows you to travel in seamless style. The software enables you to build up a complete itinerary containing every last detail about your trip and your travels. It can be updated with ease and there’s room for as many additional trips as you need. A great stress reliever at the point when you feel that you’re dream trip might be turning into chaos.
  • Evernote – Travelling around Oz means that you’ll be bumping into lots of people, so you’ll want to keep track of those contacts as you move on to the next port of call. While social networking apps such as Twitter and Facebook are cool enough, get yourself kitted out with Evernote too, which can be used to keep track of those new friends you meet along with potential work contacts, useful locations and all the rest of it.
  • Hostel Hero – If you’re travelling on a budget, and if you’re backpacking that’s likely to be the case, then a handy pointer to the right and most decent backpacking hostel is invaluable. Try this convenient little software package that can give you first dibs on a huge selection of accommodations stops during the course of your journey.
  • Wi-Fi Finder – Staying in touch is also vital and if you can do that for free or at least the price of a cup of coffee then that’s even better. Try Wi-Fi Finder to help guide you to the nearest free wireless location in your vicinity, so that you can keep in touch with the folks back home and also catch up on your social networking updates. It looks cool and works a treat too.
  • Lonely Planet Travel Guides – You’ll want to at least seem a little knowledgeable when you get to your next destination, so a good guide app is the way to go. Try the Lonely Planet Travel Guides software solution, which comes complete with everything you need to be like one of the locals. There are country guides and more specific city guides too, meaning that your smartphone or tablet can deliver an encyclopaedic smattering of information whenever it needs to be called upon.

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