$40 Playstation Move Racing Wheel revealed by Sony

$40 Playstation Move Racing Wheel revealed by Sony

We’ve got a lot to report so we’re going to try and not spend too much on this, but Sony have announced their Playstation Move Racing wheel, which will compete directly with Microsoft’s wireless wheel.Of course, this is also in direct competition with the Nintendo Wii’s wi-fi wheel. Those of you who own a Playstation Move have a far more reason to get this obviously as it’s just a $40 add-on for the actual peripheral itself. The Move Racing Wheel will work with newer Move enabled Racing games, such as the upcoming LittleBigPlanet Karting, but personally we don’t see ourselves buying this for actual hardcore gamers (the controller is still the best here). Although if you are thinking of putting down $40 for this model, it will apparently offer you precise wheel tracking so you can be solely responsible for your own crashes here. Either way, it’s hitting stores this fall (USA) or Spring (Australia).

Source: Engadget

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    Oh god it looks hideous! D=

  • http://www.techin5.com Techin5

    Not the prettiest, but it might be cool