Zune Branding being officially dropped, to be replaced with Xbox branding

Zune Branding being officially dropped, to be replaced with Xbox branding

We’ve been expecting this for some time, ever since it was leaked a while back that the Zune branding may not make the cut in 2012. And so it, as confirmed by the Microsoft Blog who got the official word. Microsoft have confirmed today that Zune will officially be replaced with with the “Xbox entertainment branded services instead”.

Yusuf Mehdi, who is the Chief Marketing Officer, Interactive Entertainment Division, at Microsoft told us that “Microsoft’s success with Xbox has been lead by a box in the living room” and “moving forward, Xbox will go beyond the box to reach all new families of devices.”

“This year, Xbox becomes the premium entertainment service for Microsoft. Whether on your PC, tablet, TV or phone, Xbox will be a gateway to the best in music and video, your favorite games and instant access to your friends. With the launch of Windows 8, we’ll bring Xbox entertainment to everyone. With Xbox on Windows 8 devices, we rapidly accelerate the reach of Xbox entertainment from more than 60 million people to hundreds of millions of people worldwide.”

So this ends the life of one of the most underdog brands in Microsoft. which has never really taken off. We’d love to know what with happen on the windows phone side of things, though we figure it will be split into Music and Videos, without the Zune branding.

RIP Zune. We hardly knew you, but we did.

Source: Microsoft Blog

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