Windows 8 is designed to work on multiple devices so how will it rank on a phone?

Windows 8 is designed to work on multiple devices so how will it rank on a phone?

This is a guest post by Kushal from Forums Windows 8.

The new Windows 8 beta download may be for computer use but there are plans afoot for the system to run across phones, tablets, computers and even laptops too. This is a very brave move by Microsoft because it is something that has never been tested before, but this cross-platform approach could be one that opens computing up even further than it already has been.

The system has been tested on computers of all kinds with the Windows 8 ISO version even working on Macs. It is also clear how the system will work on a tablet, but how will it stack up as a phone?

The Windows Phone that was released in 2011 was a success in every sense of the word but it did suffer somewhat from market dominance by Apple. There are several reasons for this dominance, which mostly relates to the issue of portability. The fact that Apple has been able to make the Internet and Apps mobile with the iPad and iPhone is something that has enabled them to dominate a market in which Windows simply could not compete.

The restriction on Windows was a high level of processing requirements and it is something that the new OS will solve by running on an ARM based silicone chip.

Other than the market dominance of Apple, which admittedly remains an issue at least for now, there was little dissatisfaction with the Windows Phone. The Windows 8 Phone is set to be something very similar to this phone and it is likely that it will be well received by the market.

In terms of usability, everything in the Windows 8 beta suggests that the Windows 8 Phone will be something of wonder. There are a few small features of the system that could potentially make the phone a huge success:


One of the biggest limitations with mobile devices is the inability to multitask. There is an almost universal inability to do this on the majority of devices despite claims that it is possible. You cannot have web pages loading in the background whilst you look at an App and generally this slows everything down. The Windows 8 Phone is well poised to change this because the basic OS is entirely capable of multitasking and in fact does so tremendously.


The SkyDrive is an App that is to be included in all Windows products from now onwards. This means it will reach millions of customers and be found on millions of devices. The SkyDrive stores Apps, files and documents in a cloud location. What this means is that you will potentially be able to log into your SkyDrive from any Windows device and appreciate the benefit of being able to run programs directly from it. This turns every Windows 8 enabled device, whether it is a desktop computer or a phone, into a veritable window into your computer.


The Store is Microsoft’s answer to the App Store. There will be endless Apps available in the Store by the time Windows 8 is released in October. Big names such as Google are producing Apps and many of the favourites are already available. Things like Cut the Rope and are ready to go and will be a good addition to the Windows Phone.

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