The Samsung Galaxy S3: Can it Rival the Big Guns?

The Samsung Galaxy S3: Can it Rival the Big Guns?

This article was written by Nicola Crozier, a freelance tech blogger currently working with uShip – the experts in man with a van and courier services, helping to deliver your smartphones safely and on time.

When news reaches us of a new smartphone, everyone immediately wonders if it’s going to be good enough to rival the big guns. Will it have a good camera, what sets it apart from the others, how good is the battery, can you download an app that lets you drive a car – the questions just keep coming until we finally get the details.

One of the latest releases is to be the new Samsung Galaxy S3, scheduled for release later this year, but everyone is trying to get hold of a rogue screen shot or design sketch to get an idea as to just how good it’s going to be when it hits the stores.

While very little is known about the latest addition to the Samsung range of smartphones, we do know that it’s got a very good base for becoming a success, but also a lot of work to do to become a global phenomenon like the iPhone or Blackberry. The Galaxy Nexus was a very good phone and did everything expected of a smartphone in today’s market, but it wasn’t outstanding. Sales figures were good, but they could be better, something Samsung must have taken into account ahead of the launch of the S3 – similar to a school report, “tries hard, but can do better.”

The S2 had a very good camera – something that is a must for smartphones, (unless you’re talking about the iPhone, which is slowly improving) – and featured a very powerful processor, so the foundations are already in place for the S3. Very little is known about the specifications at present, but provided that Samsung start with the processor and camera and aim to improve those and add more quality, they’re on the right track!

Details are set to be revealed early in May at a Samsung press day, but a video appeared online recently that seemed to suggest a few of the finer details. These included a 1.4GHz quad-core processor, 1GB RAM, 16GB internal memory, a 4.6-inch HD display, Android Ice-Cream sandwich, an 8MP camera and NFC technology.

All of these sound like an exciting smartphone, but none of these have been confirmed by anyone at Samsung. Something we’ll have to wait until 3rd May for…

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