Tascam iM2 Review

Tascam iM2 Review

Thanks to Peter from Tascam & CMI Music and Audio for providing us with the Tascam iM2

The Tascam iM2 is a Stereo Condenser Microphone for all iOS devices, which will allow you to record whatever you want in a crystal clear way. Basically, it turns your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch into a High-Quality digital recorder on the go. It’s meant to be portable, light weight, and build well in order to allow you to record on the go – no matter when and where. However, the question is – how does it hold up in our review, and is it worth getting? Well fellow readers, read on to find out!

Personally, this lightweight (1.4 oz/39.7 g) recording device seems to be perfect for carrying arround in everyday situations. The lightness and compactness of the iM2 will allow you to carry it with you everywhere, without adding too much weight or taking up too much space, which we know is a requirement of many people out there. So for those of you who think this is an absolute requirement, then look no further than the Tascam iM2 for your everyday recording activities. We also must emphasize that because of it’s small nature, people may find themselves losing this device in their bags or homes, so be wary of that before it causes you a lot of trouble.

Hardware quality wise, the device doesn’t seem to feel exceptionally built but it doesn’t have a poor quality build either. The plastic black area that dominates the recording device is on par with what we expected from this device, and we’re sure it definitely ads to the lightness of the iM2. The silver microphone (it comprises a pair of high-quality stereo condenser mics) part of the device does feel quite solid, and it is actually rotatable up to 180 degrees in order to line up the recording area to where you are. The rotation screws feel solid, and we never felt like the Tascam iM2 was going to change the direction in which it was recording easily at all. Taking a look at the device itself, aside from the rotatable microphones the Tascam iM2 also has a few things on the side of the device. First, on the left side of the device is a Limiter switch (on/off) which we always kept on. What it does is actually try and reduce the amount of outside noise and focus on your voice (or sounds) closer to the Mic. We don’t exactly think it worked like advertised, because it only slightly cut down the amount of outside noise. There’s also a mini usb port above it to connect it to some other device we assume, though we never did try it ourselves. On the right side there is the volume control, which controls the amount of sound level that it records. One annoyance we found is that unless we were close to the iM2, the recording level that came through was very low from any distance over 40 centimetres (away from the device). This is of course only if the sound level is low, and it wouldn’t matter at a concert or lecture with a tutor talking through the microphone.

The device is actually simple enough to operate, you plug it in and you open up any recording app (even Skype works with it) and it will work with it. Do be wary about keeping it connected to a device for too long because the iM2 is powered by the iPad (in our case) and it can drain the battery if you’re using the iPad for different purposes which the iM2 is still plugged in. The high spec of its stereo mics and ability to record in CD quality (44.1kHz PCM) do help, and up to 125dB SPL input level capacity meaning you get some crystal clear sound quality through the mic. One issue we do have with connecting the device, is that it doesn’t sit too securely with the iOS connection. One simple tap and it could cut short your recording session, and we feel this could be a mood breaker for some people. Luckily for us, we never did have it happen to us while we were recording though we did manage to hit it a few times while it was off, and it came out far too easily.

 Strangely enough, while using headphones is the preferred method to hear your results in real time iOS devices strangely ignore the Tascam iM2 device when you do that, so you’re stuck with having to listen to it after you’ve done your recording. Luckily though, the quality is actually quite decent, and we’d go so far as to say it sounds great once you play it back. Audio is crystal clear and we felt like we were listening to the recording live, which really does make the device worth the praise it gets. While you do get crystal clear audio from the device, one thing to note is that the slightest amount of movement from your hands, while holding the iPad in this case, will register in the final audio. This meant we had to either never move our hands while recording, or we thought about getting an external stand to hold the ipad while we recorded. In the end we found ways around it, but just note that holding the device constantly will result in movement noises, which could disrupt the audio quality.

Overall, the RRP price of $99.99 AUD ($79.99 in USA) seems just a little high for us (although you should find discounts through retailers). Even though the results are excellent, the fact that the device doesn’t have a line-in connection input is really one of the devices biggest flaws. However, despite the few niggles we’ve spoken about the end result was that we came away very impressed with the little recorder from Tascam which could (aka the Tascam iM2).

For those looking for where the purchase the iM2, these retailers are selling the device.

Techin5 Review Score - Tascam iM2
A tiny recording device with practically no weight makes this the perfect travel companion for those always on the move
Crystal Clear Audio from such a tiny device, which impresses. Can be prone to movement noises and can lack depth from a distance. Also doesn't have a line-in input connection
An RRP of $99.95 in Australia is a little to high for us. America's cost of $79.99 seems more on par for this device but even with the high price you are still getting an excellent product
Despite a high price, the Tascam iM2 was very impressive and the recording quality is second to none when it comes to light and portable recording devices. While it works on all iOS devices (Apple), we do wish to see it for other devices soon as well

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