Macbook Pro’s to be updated with Ivy Bridge, Retina Display by Summer

Macbook Pro’s to be updated with Ivy Bridge, Retina Display by Summer

Apple’s Macbook Air computers are some of the best notebooks out there, but they seemed in danger of falling behind newer computers sporting Ivy Bridge Processors (Intel’s 2012 Processors). But of course, Apple were never going to sit back and just let the competition have one on them, and it seems that you’ll be seeing the first fruits of their labour this summer with some powerful Ivy Bridge Processors, and more importantly (to some) Retina Display screens.

Of course, none of this has been confirmed by Apple but leaked benchmarks would suggest Ivy Bridge Processors to be a certainty. Similarly, Apple recently pushed out some OS X Lion updates for mac users and with them came some icons for various apps that are actually double the resolution of current app restrictions – meaning Ultra High Retina Displays are certainly on their way as well. Despite the fact that we’ve never really been the biggest fans of Macbook Pro’s (they aren’t powerful enough for our gaming needs), we would certainly be jealous of the Retina Display technology that ensues with the eventual refreshed Macbook Pro (though we still find 1920 x 1200 to be a great resolution).

Benchmark leaks also suggested that the powerful new Intel Core i7-3820QM (Quad-Core) chip might also be destined for the 13-inch Macbook Pro, something which is massively needed since the current Macbook Pro 13-inch model only has a dual-core processor in it (see our guide here). Still, at the end of the day we expect Intel’s Dual-core Ivy Bridge processor to be used in the 13-inch model to save on costs for people who don’t need that extra power. The 15-inch and 17-inch models should definitely get that Quad-Core goodness however.

We also expect that these Macbook Pro’s will launch with slightly slimmer profiles as compared to what they are now – making them a bigger draw for those people looking for thin and powerful machines. Again, a refresh should be expected in June/July so if you are planning on purchasing a new Macbook we suggest holding off till then.

Source: CNET

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