HTC Titan 4G Unboxing (Australian Version)

HTC Titan 4G Unboxing (Australian Version)

So we got our HTC Titan 4G unit today, and we made a little unboxing video for you lovely people out there. We told you it was coming, and it finally has thanks to HTC Australia who were kind enough to give us the review unit which we’re going to be sporting as our main phone till our Lumia 900 unit arrives later next week so we’ll be able to give you a good run down of each device. For now though, it’s worth waiting that we’re just going to talk about the unboxing video, which you can view below.

One of the most interesting things is the 16 megapixel camera and 4G LTE that this device comes with, making it a power performer as well. It’s the first Windows Phone 4G device in Australia, and the 3rd overall which is a great step for the Windows Phone platform. The box itself which we got was an all white box with no markings apart from a bar code which has got us thinking we got a Review Unit model, and not the same one consumers will be getting (we din’t have any manuals or warranty information in it). But moving on – you get a standard pair of headphones, an HTC charger, and a micro usb for connecting your phone to a computer. Fairly standard, and we didn’t expect much – since the device is what we were most interested in.

At first glance and touch, the phone feels solid but heavy. It does feel nice and comfortable to hold in the hand thanks to its curved edges. Apart from that, we haven’t been able to test out the 4G speeds till we go to the city tomorrow (and the Telstra net is currently under repair in our area so speeds are slower than usual).

One thing we did notice was that this phone was actually called the HTC Mandarin (a codename that was used before the Titan II was announced in the USA), and not the Titan 4G in the screen so we can’t confirm this till Telstra models go on sale tomorrow. Also, the Titan 4G comes with Tango (version 8773) right out the box, making it the first Australian device to have this as well.

Aside from that, be sure to check out our full Hardware review in a few days when we’ve got better aquainted with the device. Till then, the video below is all you need to know.

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