A Guide to the Benefits of 4G Phones

A Guide to the Benefits of 4G Phones

This is a Guest Post by Chris White, who is currently working with T-Mobile.

Being connected to the Internet while on the move is essential in the world today, with people in all walks of life desperate to stay connected when they’re out of the house or office. Whether it’s checking their emails, updating their Facebook status or looking at the latest sports scores, wireless Internet access is particularly crucial.

Cell and smartphones have become essential in our everyday lives, with people seemingly unable to leave the room without taking their phones with them. Everywhere you look, someone has a phone in their hand either sending a message or answering an email while on the move, all thanks to the enhancements in wireless Internet speeds and connectivity.

More and more cell phones on the market today come with this feature, and the very latest feature the very latest version. Fourth generation wireless cell phones, or as they’re more commonly known, 4G phones, have been available in some countries with limited access since late 2009, but it is becoming more freely available around the world today.

So what are the benefits associated with 4G phones as opposed to 3G – its predecessor?

  1. Speed. Of course, everything related to the Internet is focussed around quality and the speed of delivery. Nobody wants to be sitting around staring at their cell phone while the circle in the centre of the screen spins around with the dreaded word ‘buffering’ the only thing to look at. 4G is built to be exceptionally fast, with some rates at around 100Mbps, which is four to six times faster than 3G, meaning users can watch video, upload photos and download music faster than ever before.
  2. Security. 4G was actually pioneered by a branch of the US Department for Defence, DARPA, the Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency. Since then, developers have been working to ensure that security doesn’t compromise the flexibility offered by 4G in terms of speed and accessibility.
  3. Range of Cells. The number of cell and smartphones on the market that feature 4G is expanding all the time. The HTC Evo and Apple iPhone, to name just two, feature 4G connectivity, and the likes of T-Mobile, Motorola and Samsung also offer a range of cells with 4G Internet access.

The real benefits of 4G connectivity remain to be seen, as it is so new that many people are unaware as to just how they can use it to maximise the potential of their cell and smartphones.

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