Upcoming Steve Jobs Film to star Ashton Kutcher?

Upcoming Steve Jobs Film to star Ashton Kutcher?

Steve Jobs was the King of the Tech world until his recent passing, and it was only a matter of time before a movie was made about his life. What we never dared to fathom however was who would be playing Steve Jobs – Ashton Kutcher. That’s right, the star of Two and a Half Men (who coincidentally plays an internet billionaire) is who Variety is saying has been chosen to play the co-founder of Apple. While at first we were in an uproar and demanded the director, Joshua Michael Stern (who we assumed made the call) be hanged for this heinous casting (as much as we’re a fan of you Ashton), we soon begun to think otherwise once we put their pictures (current and youth) side by side. And we have to say, the similarities between the current Kutcher and young Jobs is ridiculously close. While of course, Ashton’s face is a little more ‘chiseled’ than Jobs, we have to say that this might not be such a bad call after all (that is indeed if Ashton can pull off a performance similar to what he pulled in the Butterfly Affect).

The movie itself will take on the simple yet powerful name ‘Jobs’, a smart choice in our opinion rather than some lame title like ‘Steve Jobs: From Apple to Life’ or something. Variety says that the film will follow Jobs “from wayward hippie to co-founder of Apple,” which makes us think that we’ll see more of Jobs’ earlier years (something that we’re sure most people have less of an idea of when compared to his latter days). It’s worth remembering though, that nothing is set in stone.

Side Note, according to Variety Jeff Sneider – it’s no April Fool’s joke. Not even close.

Source: Variety

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