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Top 5 difference between Google Play and Amazon’s App Store

Top 5 difference between Google Play and Amazon’s App Store

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Amazon launched its Android app store about a year ago. This is happening as Google has allowed any third party to setup their own software or app shops for Android platform. The incubation of this idea of bringing an Android app store was already speculated with the release of Amazon’s Android tablet, Kindle Fire. Using its lucrative marketing and publicity tactics, Amazon app store is now being counted as one of the major platforms for selling and buying the Android based apps. Let’s do a comparison of the two app-selling markets on various aspects.

1. Installation

The Android market (now known as Google Play) comes pre-installed in every device running on Android OS. Open the Android market, select the app you want, and install. On the contrary, Amazon app store can only be accessed through its own app which you need to install before going of other apps. After installation, it requires the user to stay logged in through their Amazon account for downloading the apps and even to run them. Some of the devices currently do not support the installation of Amazon app store, which goes against the Amazon’s app store.

2. Interface

Since past four years Google’s Android is being used in mobile devices and so is the Android market. Both are constantly being updated by the developers and the Android market is has morphed from a phone-only app to a web based storefront. Each app browsed on the market has its own page with screenshots, features, user reviews, app recommendations and a video too, if browsed from the desktop. Tabbed categories makes it easier to search for apps like top paid, top free, or just in. All of the Google’s efforts seem to go in vain when you see the Amazon’s fantastic easily navigable interface. It categorizes the apps as “Top free” and “Top paid.” The “Test drive” feature (available on desktops) for any app is a big plus on the side of Amazon’s app store.

3. Quantity

Tallying the number of apps being offered, Android market is currently having a huge stock of 200,000+ apps. If there is any recently released app for Android, changes are much higher that you’ll get it here. Four year periodical updating of the apps and release of the new apps has enabled the Android market to boast about its huge database of apps. At the launch, Amazon only offered around 4,000 apps, which is much less when compared to Android Market. It’s important to mention here that the apps at the app store of Amazon are organized by Amazon.

4. Deals & Exclusives

Currently, the Android market is not offering any kind of deals or discounts on the apps. To reap such kind of benefits one can get on with Amazon app store. The best offer which it has continued to give from its launch time is that it gives a paid app for free every day. When the app store was launched, they were the first to launch Angry Birds Rio, the most awaited game at that time, before anyone else. Though you’ll get similar apps on both the platforms but it is advised that before buying you cross-check the prices on both the stores and even on its developer’s website, maybe there is a discount on the app.

5. Return Policy

Right now, Google is the only one who is offering this service. If you do not like the app then within 15 minutes of the purchase you can uninstall and get back your amount paid for the app. Amazon app store is yet to provide this type of service for the users.

Both the stores are having their own positive and negative points but the buyer is always is at a benefit if he has an option. With the launch of the Amazon app store, buyers are somehow relieved that there is not just a single store for Android apps.

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