Top 10 Apps – Windows Phone Edition

Top 10 Apps – Windows Phone Edition

So late last year we started out ‘Top 10 Apps for Business’ Guide, which we started off with the iPhone Edition and we promise we’re working on an Android and Windows Phone edition for that guide as well (yes we got wildly sidetracked). We’re actually launching a follow up to that guide with the ‘Top 10 Apps’ Windows Phone Edition today, showcasing what we think are the top 10 best apps on the Windows Phone platform thus far. Now these are opinions fused in with the opinions of the people we’ve spoken to who own Windows Phone (and a dash of general chit chat on the interwebs).

We’ll see which order we release our other guides in a bit down the line, but for now if you’ve just purchased a Windows Phone – this is your one stop guide for the best 10 apps straight from the get go!


Category: Social Networking
Price: Free (trial) or $2.99 for Full Version
Link: Rowi Free, Rowi Paid

Easily the best twitter client on the Windows Phone marketplace, and it absolutely demolishes the Official Twitter app, which hasn’t updated very much. Rowi also has the fastest push notifications from any twitter app on the marketplace and it features a fully featured app. There’s a Free Trial if you want to test it out, but you won’t get all the features unless you pay for it and when you think about it – $2.99 isn’t much for an app we use every day.

Furthermore, you can pin almost anything as a tile so you can quickly come back to it, making this our favourite Twitter app on the Windows Phone marketplace. (Note: This app is not available in some regions due to marketplace restrictions).

4th & Mayor

Category: Social Networking
Price: Free
Link: 4th & Mayor

If like us you’re big users of Foursquare, then this is the app for you to get. Even if you’re not a regular Foursquare user, this app might cause you to think twice about it because it’s such a beautifully designed app! Developer Jeff Wilcox shared some insight into the app with us in a recent interview, and we think it’s great that’s he’s continuing to develop and update such a useful 3rd Party FourSquare app. It’s much more streamlined than the Official Foursquare app and it’s much more user friendly for us as well so we’ve given the nod to 4th & Mayor.

Furthermore, it’s constantly updated so any problems are usually squashed as soon as they are discovered (not that there are many). We’ve enjoyed it so much that we’ve put it as one of the best apps on the Windows Phone marketplace.


Category: News
Price: Free
Link: Baconit

We’re not sure how many of you have ever heard of Reddit, but considering it’s one of the most popular sites in the world we would think you have. Reddit doesn’t have an official app on the Windows Phone marketplace, and that’s where Baconit comes into affect – As the best unofficial Reddit app on the marketplace. It’s fast, updated constantly (so you know the dev cares about the app and it’s users) and allows you to browse through thousands of funny, interesting, and informative pictures and articles.

If you’ve never heard of Reddit before, now’s the perfect chance to try. We know we weren’t big readers of Reddit until we came across Baconit, and ever since then we haven’t looked back. It’s also free which is great, plus it has the word Bacon in it’s title (and who doesn’t love Bacon!).


Category: LifeStyle
Price: Free
Link: Allrecipes

There are a lot of great cooking apps on the Windows Phone marketplace, but the one we’ve come across the most with the best receipes is Allrecipes. It’s also a great app which is quick, easy to use and full of interesting recipes from around the world. While it may not have the polish that apps like Epicurious has, it has one major feature that set’s it apart from similar apps – The ability to pin recipes to the home screen. It’s like a bookmark to a recipe straight from your home screen, and it reminds us to stop being hungry and to actually get up and cook some food!

If you’re like us, and love to cook – Then this is certainly the app for you as you pin your way to food haven. While we do hope for a few more updates this year, it’s great to see an App which has everything for the everyday user, and those who want a little something extra from their apps.


Category: News
Price: $0.99
Link: WPCentral

WPCentral is the best site for all your Windows Phone news, reviews, and guides on this side of the marketplace. The WPcentral website is one of our most visited websites on the net, and it comes as no surprise that the WPCentral app is one of our most used apps on the Windows Phone platform as well. Extremely well made and streamlined, Developer Jay Bennet has outdone himself with an App which you can view all the content on the app, from articles to pictures to videos and you can even comment on posts. 99 cents is also a low price for an app which doesn’t feature any apps, get’s constant updates and features.

Plus, you get access to the latest Windows Phone news straight from the comfort of your phone. It doesn’t hurt that WPCentral is a fan of Techin5 articles either, but we digress.


Category: Travel + Navigation
Price: Free or $1.99 for Ads Free Version
Link: gMap Free, gMap Paid

While Bing Maps does come inbuilt with every Windows Phone, it doesn’t necessarily work everywhere outside of Western Countries. That, and some people might actually prefer Google Map’s layout which is where gMaps comes in – an unofficial Google Maps App for the Windows Phone, and it’s actually pretty fantastic! It might not be as smooth or fluid as Google Maps on an Android, or Bing Maps for that matter, but it’s as close as they come. Everything but Google Voice Navigation is in the maps, but layers, directions, GPS, and even Google Latitude work with the app. We tend to use this app a lot when we go overseas because Bing Maps may not function as well (though you will need data).

The free version is basically the same as the full version as far as we’re aware, but you have ads in the free version that will annoy a lot of you (the main reason we bought the paid version). Still, Google Maps is now on your Windows Phone thanks to gMaps and we can’t complain about that!

AppFlow App Discovery

Category: Productivity
Price: Free
Link: AppFlow

Want a great app to help you find other apps to download? Then look no further than AppFlow Discovery! Yes we know we’re talking about a good app that helps you find good apps (appception?), but we couldn’t possibly leave this app off the list! Appflow helps you to discover the best apps on the marketplace by sorting into highest rated apps, rising apps, most popular, and so on. You can also sort by category to make your life easier when looking for certain apps. It’s also a very well designed app that looks very nice to look at (made by the same people who made Cocktail Flow – possibly the most gorgeous app on the marketplace).

It’s also free, which means you can jump right into it, and download more apps based on Appflow’s recommendations!

YouTube Pro

Category: Music + Video
Price: Free
Link: YouTube Pro

The official YouTube app is pretty poor, but thankfully you have a great alternative in YouTube Pro. The app is a fully functioning 3rd Party YouTube app which is made with Microsoft’s Metro UI in mind, so it gels very nicely with the phone. You can do all the usual things such as logging into your account, following subscriptions, watching HD videos even over 3G and the other standard YouTube things you’re expecting.

It’s also one of the highest rated app for a reason – because it’s good and most importantly all those features are free.

Bing Translator

Category: Travel + Navigation
Price: Free
Link: Bing Translator

Those of us who travel often always require a good translator App. Well look no further than Microsoft’s very own Bing Translator, which does the usual in an outs for translation from nearly 50 languages from around the world. It also has features such as – camera to translate printed text (take a picture of a text with foreign language and translate it into english), voice recognition to translate spoken text, and text translation.

The big home run for this app is the fact that you can now download a language package for ‘Offline translation’ meaning you don’t need data to translate it like 99% of the other translator apps out there! All this for free as well, leaves for a very winning package.

Weather Live

Category: Weather
Price: $1.49 for Full Version
Link: Weather Live

This was actually a tough one because there are some great other Weather Apps on the marketplace such as Accuweather (amongst others). In the end we decided that Weather Live was powerful enough and it has a few bells and whistles in it which drew us over to the app in the first place. You can set the weather in a number of cities and even pin two cities as live tiles to the weather updates regularly without you ever having to open to app (paid version only). The usual features such as Radar, Weather Alerts, forecasts and hour-by-hour weather is included in this app.

It also saves you because it isn’t a data killer like other apps, so you’re getting a great app in this, and it’s something we’ve used since it first came out on the marketplace.

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