The HTC One X versus The Nokia Lumia 800

The HTC One X versus The Nokia Lumia 800

Out HTC One X review isn’t out yet (we promise we’re working hard on it, but it takes time when we’re doing two reviews at the same time), and we can already safely say the HTC One X is one of the best phones we’ve ever tested. While we’ll leave our conclusion till the end of the review, we wanted to see how one of the best Android phones stacks up to the best Windows Phone (currently, we’ll get our Lumia 900 in May) – The Nokia Lumia 800. On paper, the One X absolutely dominated the Lumia 800 in every spec but as we all know, results in the real world differ from those on paper. Below, we’ve compared to two phones in specs.

As we said, the HTC One X basically wins in ever ‘spec’ category on paper, but it always mean it will do better in everything. First, a lot of people prefer the size of the Lumia 800 as opposed to the giant One X so they would buy a Lumia 800 first. Secondly, we’ve said that HTC One X’s Super LCD 2 screen is better and while we stick by that¬†decision we still feel that darker videos will easily be better on the Lumia thanks to it’s AMOLED CBD screen (see video below). The HTC One X’s camera is slightly better than the Lumia 800’s camera, though surprisingly (in daylight) it’s not as good as I though. Other than that, the Lumia 800 gets trounced by the all powerful One X on paper.

But how does it compare in real world tasks? Well we recorded a video in which we tested start up times (easily down the the Operating System and UI), App Start up times (EDIT: We had to scratch that segment from the video due to external issues. the HTC One X opened Angry Birds a full 2 – 3 seconds faster than the Lumia 800 every time, the quad core processor truly shining here).

We also compare the browsers and it seems the Lumia 800 does very well against the better One X, generally tying with the One X in a couple websites we browsed including Techin5, Engadget, The Verge, and a HTML5 benchmark site which the Lumia 800 easily won (but that has to do with IE9 being HTML5 optimized).

Either way, share your thoughts with us in the comments below (or on the Youtube Video’s page). Enjoy!

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