Recover a forgotten iPhone / iPod pass code for Mac Users

Recover a forgotten iPhone / iPod pass code for Mac Users

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Is there any simple way to recover a forgotten Apple device (iPhone/ iPod/ iPad) restrictions pass code? Over the past several years many security mistakes have been found in the iPhone and other Apple devices. With using the restriction feature in iOS you can disable features like location services, in-app purchases and more. Additionally, you need to use the restriction pass code to disable the features. But in case if you fail to remember it, you will have to end up accessing only to something than getting to everything.

Unfortunately, there is none of simple methods documented by Apple to recover or reset the pass code. Bringing back the previous backup will not help the lost pass code and the only resolution is to start iPhone as a fresh device. And to set up you will have to lose some data, time and effort in getting back your iOS device.

Here sharing effortless methods that will help to recover your forgotten restrictions pass code.

Tutorial for Mac users

Literally, it will not even take more than 5 minutes to get the missing pass code. This method is destined merely for Mac users. You need to start by accessing to the computer that your iOS device or Apple phone was synced to. Then it is necessary to download iPhone backup extractor application for Mac OS X. This is a free of charge application to interpret backups of iPad or iPhone touch made by iTunes. Extract the archive file and launch the app. Click read backups.

Select the Apple device that you need to recover the pass code and click choose. Now you will be able to view a list of apps that are supported /backed up. Scroll and select the iOS files to extract. Then click extract to process that would take some few minutes. Look through the location you premised for extracting iOS files.

Steer to iOS files, select Library and look for Preferences

Search for the file, Open the file in the Property list Editor. It should contain a key with the title SBParentalControlsPin. Just look straight to its Value, which is actually the keyword you are searching for. Thy, you will get your missing restrictions pass code. You can now go ahead enable or disable restrictions by applying the recovered pass code in your favorite iOS device.

Recover pass code using XRY software

This is an easy method, which you have to run the XRY software and boot the Apple device in DFU form. There are various sites that have released the video version of using the XRY software. This has been used by the law enforcers and the military to access the lost data. Consequently on the other side the non-law enforcers, hackers have started getting to use this tool on their own terms. It has paved way for the sensitive facts to be stolen.

You can recover your lost pass code by using the XRY software or iPhone backup extractor application (only for Mac users). It is recovered in just 5 to 10 minutes. Preserve your data with suitable pass code and protection methods to stay away from law enforcers.

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    Actually it is quite easy to recover the password on your iphone. As long as you have not yet upgraded to the 5.1 version this will usually take no more than thirty minutes. Just download the required files and follow the password recovery tutorial to recover your data without performing a full restore.