Recap of the Melbourne Nokia Lumia LIVE Event

Recap of the Melbourne Nokia Lumia LIVE Event

A gorgeous day in Melbourne set the tone for Nokia’s Lumia LIVE event here today, which was full of fun and entertainment throughout for everyone that came by the gigantic Nokia Lumia screen. Of course, what seemed like a boring screen at first was really a dance-athon waiting to happen with a single step of a tile. That’s right, Nokia had set up an Augmented Reality system with a Kinect and a massive screen in the heart of the city in Federation Square, and it was kind of hard to miss. All you had to do was step up and choose one of 3 activities – An Augmented Angry Birds Game, A Dance with Australian Pop Star Timomatic, or a little time with an Augmented Kangaroo. While it may have seemed boring at first, it was surprisingly fun once you ‘stepped up’.

The crowd enjoyed their time around the arena and the area got quite busy at times as passers-by’s were drawn in by the catchy tunes (damn you Timomatic for making such an addictive song) and entertaining activities that came along with the Nokia ‘Arena’. Overall we have to say there were some really dramatic periods where there were only a few people around the Arena but as the day went on we started to see a larger interest in the arena. The Nokia crew on hand were great as well as they constantly were engaging the crowd and pulling people in to give the interactive augmented reality area a go (which is what helped build the crowd) and then giving them this card below to promote Nokia Lumia (which led them to the Nokia Australia Facebook page with all their pictures).

They were also kind enough to pose for the picture below during one of the rarer ‘quiet periods’ (Apologies to them, but I can’t remember their names! I’m sure there was a Rob or Jaime or Lauren? Close enough!).

And of course, we had all kinds of ‘takers’ from break dances to a man on stilts! It was quite an amusing day (though we were only there for about 3 to 4 hours). We even managed to run into a top level Nokia Marketing Exec who informed us that the crowd was quite good in Melbourne (we estimate it topped at about 100 – 200 people during the peak time which is a decent turn out!). She also informed us that the Giant Touch Screen phones seen around Sydney were coming to Melbourne in May so there’s more to look forward to as well. And she did manage to drop another juicy tidbit that confirmed our suspicions – The Nokia Lumia 900 is already in Australia for testing. No word on the release date yet. Still, we appreciated the effort Nokia had put into this (although we still believe they should have had a phone give away contest or display’s with the phones). What was great (apart from the fac they are the ONLY Manufacturer to really do something like this in Australia for Windows Phones) was that people of all ages were able to interact and have fun with their 30 seconds of fame.

At the end of the day, yours truly even managed to get in and have a little shake about with Titomatic. Picture below. Kinda looks like I’m presenting the giant Lumia 800 but I promise I’m not. Either way, check out the Amazing Everyday below as well as other pictures. We had a great time and if you came, we hope you did as well. Keep it going Nokia!

And of course, we even managed to sneak in a mini-Windows Phone 7 Australia meetup during the event which was great fun to meet everyone within the WP7AU fanbase (or rather the important ones). The ones who attended were (twitter usernames) @WP_DownUnder (in picture), @niall_bigscreen, @gh8421 (in picture), @1800PocketPC, @pedaah (in picture), @NeilNuttall, @jubbing, @MagooChris. Go ahead find them on twitter and follow them!

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