Poll: Which Apps do you want the most on Windows Phone 7?

Poll: Which Apps do you want the most on Windows Phone 7?


So recently the Lumia 900 review’s hit the web from different websites such as Engadget, The Verge, CNET, Gizmodo, etc. and the one thing they all agreed one (despite a variation in scores/feelings towards the phone) was that the Windows Phone platform doesn’t have enough of the big name apps. We actually agree in saying that despite the fact the marketplace has close to 80,000 apps in a year and a half, it’s still not enough with a lot of the big name apps refusing to create apps for the WP7 platform. Of course, if the Lumia 900 does sell well in the USA following it’s stunning price, then there might certainly be more interest in the platform within the United States.

Still, regardless of that face – There are a lot of big name apps still missing and we want you all to tell us which ones you would rather see. In our poll above, we’ve listed 7 apps that we think people have been clamouring for (Angry Birds Space is said to be coming eventually so we left those off the list, and Skype is upon us very soon). So have at it people, get down to it and vote away (if it’s other then let us know in comments below).

Also, you’re allowed two votes so happy voting! We’re curious to see what you guys really want, but we’ll soon see!

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  • http://parasvalecha.blogspot.com Paras Valecha

    Temple Run!
    Also, Jetpack Joyride, Mass Effect 3, Modern Combat 3 and many more.

  • http://www.techin5.com Techin5

    Basically the games then 😛

  • Rui

    Audible (what is taking so long!?), TeamViewer.

  • http://www.techin5.com Techin5

    Audible is another we have heard of as well, but we didn’t put it in because Pandora is more asked for. 

  • zomg zomg


  • Manzoor E Elahi

    Chase bank, AK Notepad, Opera mini/mobile.

  • http://www.wpdownunder.com Sheeds

    Other: ABC Australia App (News/TV/Catchup-iView)

  • cris178

    An official Tumblr app would be great

  • Christopher Stobbs

    I’d love to see the N-gage Multiplayer game ‘The Reset Generation’ No game has even been made like this before

  • Carissa

    Need INSTAGRAM :(
    Need INSTAGRAM :(
    Need INSTAGRAM :(
    Need INSTAGRAM :(
    Need INSTAGRAM :(