Lumia 900 to launch in Style in New York City this Friday

Lumia 900 to launch in Style in New York City this Friday

The Lumia 900 is without a doubt, the most highly anticipated Windows Phone ever thanks to it’s stunning looks and gorgeous screen, topped with a wonderful Windows Phone OS. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that the phone will be launching for a cheap $99 on the 8th of April, something which has already pushed it to the number 1 selling phone on Amazon without having even hit the stores!

So it comes as no surprise that Nokia wants to hit the ground running with the Launch, which is to be held in one of the most famous Squares in the world – Times Square, New York. Furthermore, they’re planning to have a ‘Special Guest Performance’ though we have absolutely no idea who he/she/they are, though we really hope it’s someone on the same calibre as Deadmau5. Based on the marketing blitz Nokia have pulled in Europe so far, we aren’t sure you want to miss this even which starts at 7pm (SHARP!) on the 6th of April.

Still, we won’t say if this is a genius idea or a failure in the making due to it’s location, so we’ll save any judgements for friday. Stay tuned folks this could potentially be huge.

Souce: WPCentral

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