Instagram for Android now available for downloading

Instagram for Android now available for downloading

Was it only just last month that we announced that Instagram for Android was made official? Yes we believe it was. How time has flown! Instagram has made the millions of Android fans happy today by finally announcing the much anticipated Instagram app for Android, which we just downloaded and took for a spin.

The App itself is pretty similar to what you would find on Apple devices (which is a good thing in a way). It’s ridiculously easy to set up from the start (even if you don’t have an account, it takes 30 seconds to make one) and adding your friends via Twitter and Facebook is simple and fast as well. We couldn’t be any happier with how smooth the app is as well, and so far bug free. Uploading pictures can be done via your Camera or from the Gallery and from there you have a good 15 option or so to choose from if you want to tweak your pictures a little (which is always fun and quick). From there you’re simply taken to the upload page where you choose which Social Network to post the picture to, with the title (and Geolocation is optional) and you’re set.

As you can see below, it’s a painless effort and we love the app already! We just hope the developers plan to bring this to Windows Phone soon because it seriously is a fun app which 172 of our friends were already using (over Twitter and Facebook) when we joined today.


Grab the app for free here today, or via your phone.

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  • Michael Aulia

    It’s about time the app makes it to Android.. it’s been a while on iOS and very popular. Do you have Instagram on the Windows Phone? I don’t really use it but I like the filters it has and I wish I can use it on my new Lumia 800 (which just arrived today)

  • Jubbin Grewal

    It’s not really a proper Instagram app on wp7 yet, so I don’t really bother as far as it goes for now.

    And nice, review up soon i’m sure!

  • Michael Aulia

    Might be in a few weeks..plenty of stuffs coming next week to review @_@  still compiling what apps to install heh heh