Celebrity Geeks (infographic)

Celebrity Geeks (infographic)

Article and Infographic comes via Chris from Web Hosting Geeks.

Think All Celebrities are stuck up or attend fashion shows in their spare time? Think again! The 11 highlighted celebs below do things that you and I do every day!

Everyone has a hobby, something that they enjoy doing in their time off. Whether it’s playing on the PlayStation, reading a book, riding a horse, dancing or even attending re-enactments. They’re a great way for all of us to relax and get away from the stresses and strains of work or school, and give you that sense of fun – something we all need more of!

For many, their hobby is stalking celebrities – okay, not literally stalking them – but finding out everything there is to possibly know about them. Whether they camp on the street outside a studio to watch them arrive, run inside, do an interview and leave, or going along to their book signings, we just cannot get enough of our favourite celebs.

Glossy magazines and newspapers are filled with the latest gossip – who certain celebrities were seen out with the night before, rumoured bust-ups between actors on set and who is the biggest diva when it comes to the thickness of their slice of tomato on their sandwich or the colour of the sweets set out in a bowl in their dressing room.

While we all think that these celebs live in a different world to the rest of us, they’re very much the same behind closed doors. They’re seen as fashion icons around the world, releasing their own clothing range and fragrances, but once they get home some enjoy nothing more than playing World of Warcraft!

Even the most die-hard of fans who claims to know everything, in fact doesn’t, and this infographic lists eleven of the biggest celebrities in the world, along with eleven facts or hobbies. Take a guess at which celeb goes with which activity or piece of information and see if you’re right. Or you could just follow the lines and see if you already knew that about your favourite celeb – but where’s the fun in that?


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