Alienware M18X R2 With Ivy Bridge Specs Leaked, should power cities

Alienware M18X R2 With Ivy Bridge Specs Leaked, should power cities

Well it seems that Alienware haven’t been sitting around idly waiting for Ivy Bridge to come out, but have in fact been trying to cram as much power as they can into the world’s best gaming series. While this isn’t official, leaks have.. er leaked with the specs for the M18x r2 (the upgrade from the original M18x), and by all accounts it looks like it’s Crysis 3 ready straight off the blocks.

According to Tom’s Hardware:

Users will have the option between three CPUs: i7-3610QM (@ 2.3 GHz), i7-3720QM (@2.6 GHz) and i7-3820QM (@ 2.7 GHz). To power the 18.4-inch Full HD LCD White-LED Glossy screen, end-users with have the option for dual Radeon HD 7970M (CrossFire) or dual GeForce GTX 675M (SLI) mobile graphic cards. A third option of the GeForce GTX 660M will be available but it is unknown if it will be available in SLI or just a single card setup. As for your memory options, the M18X R2 will offer DDR3 1600 MHz in 2 GB, 4 GB and 8 GB, with DDR3 1866 at 2 GB.

It’s worth remembering that they will all have Intel’s Generation 3 Turbo Processors codenamed Ivy Bridge, and they should provide a substantial performance boost over the current Sandy Birdge processors. The screen resolution should also stay at 1920 x 1080 meaning that you’ll be able to game in Full HD brightness while blasting away with creeps on your Crossbow. Furthermore, you get the standard 500GB Hard Drive option, as well as further HDD and SSD Options. Along with that extremely speedy RAM, you should be well set regardless of the price.

No date is known for the release of this, but we’re thinking May sounds about right, if not early June. And you’ll also be able to pick a Red or Black frame if you were wondering. We can’t wait!

Source: Tom’s Hardware

via: Nelus

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