Windows Phone Tango Officially launching on March 21, starting with China

Windows Phone Tango Officially launching on March 21, starting with China

Windows Phone 7.5 Refresh, better known as ‘Tango’ is Microsoft’s version of Windows Phone for low-end devices such as the Lumia 610, and according to sources it’s launching in only a few days. Furthermore, Press in China have apparently received their invitations to the launch event featuring Tango and some great Windows Phones we’re sure (although none have been announced as yet). The invitation announces that “the carefully designed, refined, and all-new Windows Phone 7.5 will be landing in China” and invites news outlets to see it on March 21st. Starting with the announcement of the HTC Triumph (aka Titan) which launched yesterday, as well as Nokia’s Stephen Elop saying they’ll be launching a Windows Phone in China in the coming weeks – this only bodes well for Microsoft’s beautiful, but under rated platform. Have a look at the invitations below:

Very Metro Messaging style. Either way, Stephen Elop has said Nokia will be launching 3 new Lumia devices in China at the end of this month and you can be sure they’ll be going big with advertising there as well. Furthermore, Nokia is a well established brand in China and as of Q4 2011, Nokia owns 16.1% of the Chinese mobile phone market, placing them second just behind Samsung so you know they’ll be trying to take the number one spot soon with a mixture of low and high end Windows Phones. As for the marketplace, we expect that’ll be launching sometime very soon so those of you in China can surely get their app fill soon!

As well, we’d hope to see Tango hitting further developing markets such as India soon thereafter!

Source: Liveside

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