The new iPad: 5 reasons to Upgrade, 5 not to

The new iPad: 5 reasons to Upgrade, 5 not to

The new iPad has been launched Worldwide, and a further launch is expected for certain countries who have yet to get their shipment of The new iPad. Therefore, we thought it would be a great opportunity to continue our tradition which we started last year of the “5 reasons to Upgrade, 5 not to” segment with the iPad 2. Obviously once again, this guide is intended for those who are looking at either upgrading to or purchasing The new iPad, and before you do feel free to look at our guide on why we think you should or should get it.

5 Reasons to upgrade to The new iPad

1. Retina DisplayWow is the only word we can use to describe that screen that comes with The new iPad. It’s brilliant and the resolution of 2048 x 1536 and a PPI (Pixels Per Inch) of 264 outshines pretty much outshines any tablet that exists today. If anything, the screen is the best thing to have happened to The new iPad, and we know that videos, games, and other apps are really going to shine on this screen. If you’re not convinced, head into an Apple Store and see for yourself because it’s quite ‘Resolutionary’.

2. 4G LTEBrowsing speeds on The new iPad have just shot through the roof thanks to Apple’s implementation of 4G LTE technology in the iPad. 4G LTE speeds are considerable faster than 3G speeds (between 2 to 20 times depending on your area) and it means you can browse the internet at top speeds. It’s even more perfect in that this iPad has been built to work on every major US Carrier in the States, so you’ll be able to access top speeds regardless of who you’re with (provided they have LTE services).

3. Camera – The iPhone 4S has one of the best camera lenses (and technology) that you can get today. Apple have taken that technology and lens, and implemented it into The new iPad meaning you’ve finally got a tablet which takes great pictures! Despite being only 5 megapixels, the results are pretty outstanding and we’re happy to say that using your iPad as a camera alternative is suddenly a viable option, unlike the iPad 2. And to top it off, The new iPad also has the ability to record videos in Full HD 1080p quality now!

4. Better Processor – Last years dual-core processor has been brushed aside by this years Quad-core processor and while the actual speed is still the same, you can be sure that you’re getting a whole load more power than you were last year. That means games can be more powerful and your new iPad should breeze through them like they were meant to. It also should mean that multitasking capabilities should be improved, and you should almost never see any signs of lag or stuttering. Apple even claim it’s 4x Faster than Nvidia’s Tegra 3 (although tests have yet to prove that).

5. Battery LifeEveryone know’s that the iPad 2’s battery life was one of it’s major selling points, and thankfully, Apple have managed to keep that the same this year. That’s despite the fact that it’s faster, has a better screen, and 4G in it as well. We don’t know what kind of Magic Apple have used, but the Battery Life will continue to sustain itself throughout your movie watching and gaming session, which is essential for long trips.

5 Reasons Not to upgrade to The new iPad

1. 4G LTE RestrictionsWe touted 4G LTE in the reasons to get it but there’s just one major issue with it – 4G LTE only works in the USA! That’s right, despite other places like Australia having LTE tech, The new iPad is really only a 4G device within The United States, and elsewhere it reverts back to 3G. That’s disappointing to say the least, but it’s clear Apple doesn’t feel that they need to make Country specific iPad’s outside the USA at this point. So if 4G LTE is a strong buying point for you, consider yourself warned. And for those of you in the USA, 4G LTE is a lot more expensive than normal 3G, so your monthly bills might cost more.

2. iPad 2Let’s face it, most of you have an iPad or an iPad 2 and you’re probably considering upgrading. Well let’s stop and think for a second before you do that. Yes the screen is great, but we can assure you that it’s just not a big enough factor for you to upgrade. Your iPad 2 is still going to be pushing hard for the next year, and do you really want to be that person who upgrades their iPad every year just because it’s an ‘iPad’? This is one major reason why we’re not going to upgrade to an iPad 3, because it’s just not worth it yet and the iPad 2 is good enough (plus it’s a cheaper buy these days).

3. High Resolution Apps – Aside from the fact that not all apps will automatically be updated to retina quality, we’ve been seeing reports that Higher Resolution Apps will take up more memory and data. With a higher resolution comes higher resolution pictures, images and words. This means that download sizes of Apps will be higher and the costs will be higher as well (they’ll take more data because of their higher resolution). That, and the Apps are going to be bigger, so you’re going to be running out of space a whole load faster than you would have with any previous iPad’s.  You might want to think about this before you consider purchasing The new iPad.

4. Possible Overheating IssuesWe’ve recently reported that The new iPad might have heating issues where it actually gets much hotter than the original two iPad’s, and in some cases a little to uncomfortable to hold. Although this is still a small issue which could be fixed with a software update, it’s best keeping your ears to the ground and finding out if this is a big issue that could continue to snowball, or not. In our recent poll, so far 70% of voters have said they have the heating issue. Do note that these are still early days, so anything could happen.

5. Windows 8 – Possibly the biggest reason for not buying The new iPad is the upcoming launch of Windows 8 (tablets and on PC). Frankly, it’s the main reason we’ve not got a new iPad sitting in front of us right now because frankly it looks gorgeous and unlike anything we’ve seen on a tablet or PC before. It’s meant to launch in October and while that’s still some way away we know that it’s something to look forward to. Last year we had said that Android was going to be a major competition for the iPad 2 and unfortunately we were wrong because Android tablets haven’t exactly taken the world by storm. We know however, that Windows 8 will be different just because of how much Microsoft is focusing on consumer needs and wants in making Windows 8 (and extremely touch friendly as well). Remember – We said it here first in that our next tablet is going to be a Windows 8 tablet.

And that concludes this years edition of “5 reasons to Upgrade, 5 not to” in regards to The new iPad. Obviously the ultimate choice lays in your hands, and we can’t and won’t force our opinions on to you but have rather left you a fair guide in helping you decide whether getting The new iPad is worth it or not for you. As for ourselves, we’re holding off purchasing any new iPad’s for now, but if you have any questions relating to this guide or The new iPad itself then feel free to ask your questions below in the comments. We’re always ready to help, and we hope you find this guide useful.

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