Telstra dropping 3G Support for non-Next G phones after 31st August

Telstra dropping 3G Support for non-Next G phones after 31st August

We just got an SMS from Telstra today informing us that from 31st August, they’re making major network changes and one of the downside is that non-Next G phones (and other devices) will not be able to access the 3G network any longer. While of course we’ve been aware that they’ll be removing support for the 2100MHz band, we were never really sure when this would happen until today. Of course, even our Omnia 7 runs on the 2100MHz band, so we’ll have no choice but to upgrade our phone very soon to ensure that our 3G doesn’t get killed off.

This Agreement of course comes due to the fact Telstra and Vodafone Hutchinson Australia have decided to end their ongoing agreement to support the 2100MHz band, so it’s only expected that Telstra would want to use only their own Bands from now on.

Telstra said:

How you’ll be affected

If you are using a mobile phone or wireless data device that only operates its 3G functions on the 3G 2100MHz network and not on our Next G network, and:

  • you’re located in a metropolitan area where there is 2100MHz coverage, to check click here.
  • you have a 3G SIM card (not a 2G SIM card) and
  • you use your mobile service to access 3G services – such as video calling or high speed data services –

then you may be impacted by this change.

So for those of you who are on Telstra but do not have a Next G compatible phone, then please make changes soon! To find out if your phone will be affected, click here. Aside from that, we hope Telstra will be increasing their Next G services to account for more people on the network, as well (and more importantly) we hope they start increasing devices running on their 1800MHz 4G LTE Network (as well as more bands perhaps?).

Source: Telstra 3G

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  • Ms_dollface

    Im not a tech whizz but I’m looking at purchasing the HTC One X outright. Will this phone continue to work after August. I have decided to get the X over the XL as I’m after more storage.

  • Jubbin Grewal

    Hi, pretty sure the HTC One X has Telstra’s 850MHz Next-G frequency, so you should be alright. Best to check with the seller though.

  • Iva Biggun

    Just out of curiosity, will any Vodafone phone work on Next G as they are both 850mhz.

  • Jubbin Grewal

    It will not work, because while on the same frequency they will be on different companies and different bands I believe. The only think will be that you’ll be able to change sim cards in your phone and be able to use it on either network (if you have a sim card).