PayPal Here launches in Australia today

PayPal Here launches in Australia today

Paypal released their new ‘Paypal Here’ service to Australians today, and it seems  that it is a tool which is quite clearly aimed at small businesses within Australia. So what is it exactly? Well, PayPal Here is a smartphone-enabled card reader which will enable small businesses and casual sellers to accept multiple forms of payments from their mobile phones – anytime, anywhere. A signal from PayPal that the distinction between on and offline payments is rapidly eroding.

Quite clearly, Paypal Here was intended to make the lives of small businesses easier by allowing them to get paid on the spot without all that expensive and fancy equipment big businesses require. The important thing is that users can pay by card and even paypal (we’ve always wanted to pay for our coffee’s through paypal!). The concept is actually a simple card reader (as seen in the picture above) which looks like it plugs into your phone’s headphone jack and sync’s with the app on the phone. Take a look at the video below to see Paypal Here in action:

While a small number of businesses and executives got their hands on the device today, Paypal tells us that the actual system is not available to the general public till late April, so we’ll soon see if the system is as good as it’s hyped up to be by PayPal. Take a look at another video below to see how it is utlized in the real world with Owner Jessica McKenzie talking about Paypal Here, and how it is helping here ‘Pretty in Pink’ business.

While it seems like a great system so far, the only thing that makes us a little worried is how much small business owners, who adopt Paypal Here, will get charged by PayPal in terms of fees. Hopefully a pricing scheme has been worked out to be fair, but other than that it seems like a great system that I can see myself using if I had a small business of my own. Finally, take a look at the Infographic we were sent regarding PayPal here. Other than that, we hope to see more of PayPal here (as well as apps that work on my than just the iPhone!).

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