Nokia prepares for Lumia Live Events around Australia, find out where and when

Nokia prepares for Lumia Live Events around Australia, find out where and when

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The Nokia Lumia 800 has just launched in Australia on Optus and Vodafone (Telstra and Virgin coming in a week) and because of that, Nokia is launching Lumia Live Events in 3 major cities around Australia to promote the phone, as well as to get people to interact with the Lumia phones (Lumia 800 and 710). Nokia’s description says it all – ‘Interact with the Nokia Lumia in an amazing way at one of the Nokia Lumia LIVE Events’. While we don’t exactly know what Nokia has in store for us, we can be sure that it’s something well worth going for, as with Nokia it’s always spectacular. And it’ll have lot’s of Lumia 800 presence, so that’s always a great thing!

So as for where these meetup/LIVE events are taking place, they’ll take place in Sydney (at Martin Place) on the 16th of March (see for timings above). Brisbane follows suit with their event taking place on the 23rd of March (at King George Square), and of course our favourite city in the world rounds up the cities as they will most probably save the best for last! Melbourne’s event takes place on the 31st of March (at Federation Square). We’ve posted the timings of each event in the pictures above, so you can choose which time to go to and we’ll obviously contact Nokia to get more of an update of what will take place at these events!

Furthermore, WPDownUnder and Techin5 have collaborated and we’re thinking all you Windows Phone and Nokia Lumia enthusiasts should also join myself (representing Techin5 obviously) and our good friend Sheeds (representing WPDownUnder) in Melbourne for a meetup and have one for the ages! Melbourne’s event starts at 9am, and the final session taking place at 19:00 (so 5pm obviously) so I suggest we all meetup between those timings (perhaps at one of the fine drinking establishments around Fed Square, or somewhere if people can decide). I know Sheeds has opened this topic up for discussion in Whirlpool but I think we should have a separate place to discuss doings and more (AND VOTE!).

I’ve started a Poll below where you can express your interest in coming and if we have enough interest we can start a proper discussion regarding meetups and where (and so on and so forth). So vote in the poll below, and let us know in the comments below your thoughts (or concerns?). We Hope to see you all there (and remember to use the #wp7au hashtag on twitter if you want to talk about it)!

A note to all in that this post will be edited in time with more details about the meetup and timings and so on. Please bookmark this page and keep checking the page regularly to see if there are any updates.

Melbourne Windows Phone / Lumia Meetup Details:

Date: 31st March, 2012 (Saturday)
Time: 2:30pm
Location: Outside Transport Bar, Federation Square (Link here – Just at the main entrance.

Not sure who to look for? I’ll give details soon!

More info to come soon.

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