Nokia Lumia 900 now up for pre-order from Clove

Nokia Lumia 900 now up for pre-order from Clove

Our good friends over at Clove have finally told us something we’ve been waiting weeks to hear, in that the Nokia Lumia 900 is now up for pre-order from them! Obviously this is big news because this is still the most exciting Windows Phone on the market today and you can be sure that we’re excited by this news (and we’ll be even more excited when we get our hands on this bad boy).

In terms of pricing, Nokia said that the phone would be about 480 Euros, but we always expected the pricing to be higher and that seems to be the case with Clove’s preliminary pricing (Clove say that this pricing might change as it’s just indicative pricing right now, but then again it might not). Clove’s pricing currently sit’s at £440 before delivery and that roughly equates to $650 AUD which is high, but when you consider how gorgeous this hardware really is (and that 4.3 AMOLED CBD screen is just stunning) and when combined with the sexy Windows Phone OS, then it’s actually a fair price!

For those wanting to pre-order the phone, click here. You won’t be charged until they confirm availability (and pricing) so you’re good to go if anything happens. Clove also stated that different color variants will be concluded at a later date (we’re really hoping that White makes it way though to the UK).

So how about it, will you be pre-ordering the most exciting Windows Phone till date? Tell us why (or why not) in the comments below!

Source: Clove UK

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  • Phill360

    Will the Lumia 900 work on Telstra’s LTE Network?

  • Jubbin Grewal

    No unfortunately the European version of the phone will not of LTE (and we’re not even sure if the Australian version, if there is one, will have LTE onboard). It will work with Next G though which is quite fast itself.