Nokia Lumia 610 now up for pre-order from Clove

Nokia Lumia 610 now up for pre-order from Clove

Pre-order’s from Clove are coming thick and fast and just like last night’s Lumia 900 pre-order announcement, they’re bringing us another announcement tonight with the Nokia Lumia 610 being up for pre-order tonight. Yes this low-end Windows Phone device might be the furthest thing from the Lumia 900 but it doesn’t mean it’s a bad phone. Quite the opposite in fact, as you’re getting a solidly built device (with a metal chassis), a 3.7-inch screen, a 5 megapixel camera and a 800MHz processor.

And how much is this all going to cost you? Well we’re glad you asked as the Lumia 610 is going to cost you a low £190 (or $280 AUD before delivery). That’s a ridiculously low price and we think you’re still going to like the device (it still runs as smooth butter according to sources, which is what you want!). It should come pre-loaded with Tango when it’s released, but Clove don’t have an actual release date.

As usual, you won’t be charged until the orders are confirmed (price + shipping) so feel free to reserve your stock (click the link to pre-order) of the cheapest Windows Phone money can buy!

Source: Clove UK

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