Nokia launches Creative Studio exclusively for Lumia Phones

Nokia launches Creative Studio exclusively for Lumia Phones

Yet another reason to purchase a Lumia, Nokia have launched their exclusive photo editing app Creative Studio, and it’s exclusive only to Lumia Phones (aka Nokia windows phones). We had a bit of a play with it and we thought it was actually a very good app, which consisted of quite a few editing and photo fixing options. On top of that, there are quite a few different camera modes in which you can change the type of picture you take straight from the app (such as Face Warps and Live Styles). Nokia have also included what seems as a Panorama Mode in which it takes pictures for you as you position the camera correctly, and then stitches it into one panorama view. We had a quick test of it and it’s fairly accurate, and very quick (although we’re sure the results will be better with the Nokia update to the camera).


Furthermore, the app also allows you to add effects to your pictures as well as adjust your pictures like a proper photo editor program (and it’s also akin to Thumba Editor, though it has less options and effects right now). Everything is extremely smooth and it felt like this was one of the smoothest app’s we’ve ever used on the Lumia, which is a credit to Nokia’s developers. Effects are nice, though we do wish you could use the + or – button’s to change the effects a little as opposed to swiping your finger across the bar to change the effect.


And finally, the coolest thing is that Creative Studio’s allows you to actually check the difference between the original photo and the new photo with the same style that you see in advertisements (and the bar is actually a slider so you can slide it in either direction just to see the difference in effects). It’s a great start, but we’d like to see much more effects within the app. We’d also like to be able to use the camera modes to actually edit saved photo’s, as opposed to having to take one on the spot.

Still, it’s free and we can’t complain much especially since it’s so nice to use! If you have a Nokia Windows Phone, feel free to head into the marketplace and grab it today! (Note: This link will only open from a Lumia Phone. Otherwise, go to apps on your phone, click on any Nokia app and find more apps by ‘Nokia Corporation’. It’ll be at the bottom.)

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