Nokia Drive 2.0 coming next week

Nokia Drive 2.0 coming next week

Though we’ve only had our Lumia 800 for a few days, we know that Nokia’s inbuilt turn by turn navigation GPS app ‘Nokia Drive’ is certainly among the best free apps we’ve ever encountered on a phone. And the great thing is that it’s only about to get better with the introduction of Nokia Drive 2.0, which according to Sander Teunissen, a Nokia Sales Manager, is expected to be released next week. Of course, unlike Google’s Google Maps Navigation, Nokia Drive still needs an active internet connection to start up and get you to your destination (something that we could find cumbersome when travelling). The app itself even refused to work if you’re on flight mode, so you can’t use you hotel’s wi-fi to chart out your route before you leave.

Well, that’s all about to change when Nokia Drive 2.0 hit’s the marketplace, as it’s bringing along with it Offline Navigation and lane assistance! The biggest thing here obviously is now you’ll be able to use it offline once you’ve switched it on and routed your path, and the app will even provide you with lane assistance while in off-line mode – something which should make frequent Nokia Drive users very happy.

Of course, the bigger news here is that Nokia Drive 3.0 is already being developed with major features to include integrated traffic information, and re-routing based on traffic services to avoid traffic jams, and should be out in the second half of 2012. Thank you Nokia, and I’m sure a special thanks to our friends who live in heavily jammed cities.

Source: WMPoweruser

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