Lumia 610 coming to India soon, cheap pricing in tow

Lumia 610 coming to India soon, cheap pricing in tow

The Lumia 610 as you all know is Nokia’s latest device to be announced, and it’s a low-end Windows Phone running the upcoming ‘Tango’ build which is aimed at low end devices and developing markets, and it’s coming to India soon. Nokia India’s marketing director, Viral Oza told them at Mobile World Congress, “We will be launching Lumia 610 soon in the Indian market and at an affordable price” and it seems that he was true to his word. Pricing is estimated to be at around Rs 11,000 which is around $210 AUD, a great price by any beans (especially for a Nokia Windows Phone).

The beauty of it all is that you won’t be getting a low end phone that doesn’t work well or breaks right away, but a true blue Windows Phone device with a Metal Chassis. Free apps such as Nokia Maps, Nokia Drive, and Nokia Music is just the icing on the cake and this should most definitely please our friends in India (of which we have many, without wanting to brag).

Now while the Tango build (Mango’s successor) will get rid of a few features, it won’t detract from the overall experience of the phone and the phone runs buttery smooth as if it was on a high-end Windows Phone, so those of you in India thinking of picking up a Lumia 610 will most certainly not be disappointed (3.7-inch screen, 8gb memory, and a 5 megapixel camera helps all that).

So if you’re in the market for a cheap phone in the next few months, the Lumia 610 is your ideal find. Expect this to be released around April/May.

Source: WMPoweruser

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