HTC Triumph is China’s first Official Windows Phone

HTC Triumph is China’s first Official Windows Phone

Good news to our Chinese friends out there as you’ll soon be able get your hands on the first official Windows Phone released in China! The HTC Triumph, or what we call the HTC Titan in the rest of the world (exactly the same phone) has just gone up for pre-order at the opening of HTC’s first and flagship store in China for an estimated $700 without contract (or ¥4,399). While that is quite hefty, we would hope that carriers do subsidize phone prices when you buy it on a contract in China.

Either way, you’re getting a massive 4.7-inch touchscreen with a Super LCD screen and a gorgeous Windows Phone OS (and a phone which hasn’t even been released in Australia)! What this also means is that HTC will probably be the first phone company to launch a Windows Phone in China, ahead of the likes of Nokia, ZTE, and Samsung. The other differences between this and the Western version of the phone (apart from the name of course) is that Facebook and Twitter integration will be replaced instead by Sina Weibo and Tencent Weixin respectively. Skydrive will still be on the phone but with local restrictions applying.

Great news for our friends in China who can finally pick one one officially and use the local social networks! The ball is now in other manufacturer courts.

Of course, if you aren’t in China and want to pick one up, head onto Clove UK today!

Source: Engadget

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  • Kane Gao

    Not counting a lot on the carrier subsity part. Because:

    1) The purpose of Chinese carrier subsidy is not quite the same as US ones. In the US the point of subsidizing a device is to lower the down payment, and make sure as many as possible people could easily pick it up without paying an arm and a leg. However, over the contract period, the total cost tends to be otherwise necessary. In China it’s the contrary. Carrier subsidy doesn’t reduce a single penny of down cash payment. Your phone is 4,399 kuai before subsidy, you still pay the good old 4,399 kuai in one shot after subsity, not a penny shot. The difference from buying an uncontracted device is that part of your payment goes into your phone account, and is given back to you to spend on calls and services a bit a month during the contract period. See? The point isn’t to make your phone instantly more affordable, but to make it a better deal for long term usage.

    2) Ever wondered why HTC managed to beat the more expected Nokia in Chinese launch? Because Nokia is still awaiting China Telecom for subsidies over Lumia devices. The Lumia family launch will happen in waves through March and April. HTC got ahead of time by screwing all carriers. There’s no support behind Titan (or Triumph) from any of the three Chinese carriers. Just pay in full. Amen.

    I think the launch of Triumph will boost the sales of smuggled Titans (average price about CNY 3,600, A LOT cheaper), or HTC’s move will drive more attention to Nokia’s subsidized Lumia phones.

  • Jubbin Grewal

    Wow, great insight Kane on this.

    I had a feeling that China might not have subsidized phones (like India), but it dos work differently there where it goes back into your phone bill. And I thought as much when I didn’t find any information about the Triumph being sold by carriers, smart move in a way to get the phone out, but more expensive as always.

    Thanks for letting us know!